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McGinn Tania Embellished Boucle Jacket

on August 17th, 2014
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McGinn Tania Embellished Boucle Jacket – When you think of a Chanel jacket you probably think of a jacket like this but for $6000. I have always wanted a Chanel boucle jacket and have tried them on every time I have a chance to check one out at the Chanel boutiques. However, I have never wanted to buy a Chanel jacket because of the price tag. Enter the McGinn Tania embellished boucle jacket. I first spotted this online a few weeks ago and have kept going back to look at it. At first I thought I don’t need this boucle jacket since I have others by IRO and Isabel Marant, but then upon closer inspection I realize the reason why someone like you or me might need this jacket is because it has that classic look that we covet from a Chanel boucle jacket with the edgy contemporary tailored fit that we want from an IRO or Isabel Marant jacket. This jacket is just closer to a Chanel style jacket than the other because of the piping on the edges and the pocket detailing. The price is great too $275. Get the McGinn Tania jacket and wear it with everything all this fall.


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