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Mad Men Style Mod Top

on August 31st, 2010
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If you love the Mad Men show on AMC as much as everyone else in America, you may have noticed that designers everywhere are making 1950’s mod style clothing for men and women. I love the look of the 1950’s and 1960’s. It was when people wore hats, suits, and used box shaped bags. When I saw this great lace top, I knew that the Mad Men fans would love it. At first glance you probably think to yourself, I don’t need this lace top what is so special about it. IF you look closely one more time you will realize it is a very special vintage top that can be worn dressy or with jeans. Depending on how you wear this vintage inspired lace piece you will get a different look every time. The white lace version would give you a really vintage Victorian look that you can wear with distressed boyfriend jeans. The black lace top is your evening top with leggings and suede over the knee boots or a great top to wear with a cinched waist puffy skirt for the holidays. I love it in both colors. You have to decide if you want black or white or both. My mother in law recently wore the black version of this top with cream pants for an event and it looked stunning on her. Click the photos to buy the color you want now.

Joie Elvia Lace Top
Joie Elvia Lace TopJoie Elvia Lace Top

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Mad Men womens bag fashions

on January 26th, 2010
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Mad Men is a show on AMC based on the men and women of the 1960’s. The fashions of this time are inspirational because the looks are classic timeless pieces that every body type can wear. While looking into the handbag fashions from the show Mad Men, I found a great vintage Prada bag from the Prada 1996 collection that could have stepped right out of the 1960’s onto the Mad Men screen. Check out the bag that Joan Holloway is carrying in a scene from Mad Men. That frame bag look was big in the 1960’s and still looks great in the Prada incarnation from the last 90’s. Click here to check it out now.

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