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Cartier Free Love Cuff Bracelet circa 2008

on February 10th, 2012
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Yep – I am late to the party. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this great extra large wide Cartier Love cuff called the Free Love? I only recently saw it on Pinterest (see photo here) and on Kanye West from some photo shoot in 2010. I never knew Cartier even made a bracelet as thick as this.

Why do I love it you ask? It is such a nice contrast when worn with the regular sized Love Bracelets. Can you imagine this with a great leather bracelet, and a rose gold love bracelet or 2? I mean that is arm party to the max right? Well somehow in 2008 I was not thinking about Cartier Love Bracelets apparently.

So for Valentine’s Day I thought I would think about the Cartier Love Bracelet in all of its 54 glorious grams of gold. I was justifying it as sort of an investment of sorts. You know if you buy gold it is going up or at least it will stay this way for a while. Doubt it will go back to the $500 an ounce range. So at least I would not lose money. Anyhow, my thought was this was an investment so I should get one for myself. Well, after calling my Cartier boutique, I found out that the bracelet has been discontinued and was last seen at a store in January 2012 of this year. The store had a few left that people managed to snatch up. I was even late to the party of picking up the last few pieces in the country. Great. Well, I guess for now I will have to stare at this photo and hope that someone will be selling it somewhere online or that Cartier will make them again next year. It would only make sense that Cartier would produce a love cuff and love bracelet with a thicker width so people can choose or mix and match their love bracelets in different sizes. Wonder why they never did that? Cartier – this is a great idea for you.

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Cartier Rose Gold Arm Party

on January 28th, 2012
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Another great arm party tonight is a fun play on the Cartier Love bracelet. You take a Cartier rose gold love bracelet, a Cc Skye spikey take on a love bracelet, a leather bracelet with screws by Cc Skye, and a Hermes barenia leather etruviere double wrap bracelet and you have a fun party!

Send me your photos to be featured in a arm party feature next week.

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