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Kim Kardashian supports her friend L’Amore at Mercedes Benz Los Angeles Fashion Week Spring 2009

on October 18th, 2008
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Kim and Kourtney Kardashian came to the Mercedes Benz Los Angeles Fashion Week Spring 2009 for one show- their friend L’Amore designer. I missed this show but I thought you might want to see it. Check this video out for all the inside scoop. I will review Debra Davenport, Samora, and the closing show in my next article. Look for it soon. Enjoy this video with my favorite Kim Kardashian.

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Eco- Ganik Spring 2009 Mercedes Benz Los Angeles Fashion Week show was incredible

on October 16th, 2008

Last night – October 15, 2008, I saw the Eco-Ganik show at 6P and it was TO DIE for- some of my favorite daily looks from Mercedes Benz Los Angeles Fashion Week were at this show.

Everything was feminine, wearable, and eco chic. My favorite item of the whole show was the gray jumpsuit. I only got a photo of the top of it – the model was walking so fast- but I hope you can get the idea. This jumpsuit could be your go to outfit for nights out or a weekend shopping and lunch date with your friends.

I wrote an article recently about Eco-Ganik with an exclusive interview with designer Hoda Mallone. Click here to go to that interview to learn more about Eco-Ganik.

For this article, I just wanted to show you the beautiful styles from last night’s runway show. Celebrities in her audience were Selena Gomez and Sara Paxton. I will do more in depth coverage of the celebrities that attended Los Angeles Fashion Week in another post tomorrow. (All these photos were taken by Shopping and Info from the Eco-Ganik show.)

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Christian Audigier American Lord Runway Show Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2009

on October 16th, 2008
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This was the last show I attended today, at 8P – October 15, 2008 and it was a SHOW. Dave Stewart played live music, there was dancing on the runway by the models, dogs on the runway, children on the runway, and celebrities Heidi Klum, Miley Cyrus, Lamar Odum, and Leila Odum were in the front row.

The best part of the show was in the finale when the kids came out and danced on the runway. It was too cute for words. The show was about plaid, jackets with Christian Audigier’s face on them, lots of tatoo prints on long sleeve tees, and rock and roll style. Also, Miley Cyrus was caught making faces at Justin Gaston when he walked down the runway. I have to say, I hope he takes his mug off the back of the jackets before he sells them in the stores. The sequin jacket was a favorite of mine, the gold leather jacket was tres chic, but the flames on the jeans were not for me.

What was in the goodie bag? You see the photo of Christian Audigier’s face on the back of the jacket? It was a black t shirt with that same print on it or a plaid scarf. Which one would you want?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Rock N Roll style, and I thought the show was lots of fun, but I am not sure I want a jacket with Christian Audigier’s picture on the back of it.

Here are some photos, more will be uploaded in another post of celebrities I saw at the different shows tonight.

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Viridis Luxe Mercedes Benz Los Angeles Spring 2009 Fashion Show was feminine beauty with a conscience

on October 15th, 2008
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The first show I saw yesterday – October 14, 2008 – was the Viridis Luxe show at Smashbox Studios. I did not know much about the line so going into the show I was pleasantly surprised to find a line that was functional, feminine, and eco conscious. Often, functional and eco consious do not equate to feminine and beautiful, but Viridis Luxe was all of the above. The materials used were hemp cashmere blends, hemp silk blends, and bamboo. The looks were comfy, sexy, and edgy at the same time. I kept thinking, as hot as it was outside, I wish I was wearing a few of the tops that were being shown. Celebrities at the event were: Anna Getty, Amy Smart, Angela Simmons, and Vanessa Simmons. I think I caught a few photos of the celebrities for you in this show. Enjoy the show from the comfort of your computer.

To purchase some of the new season’s clothing click the stock photos of the models below the photo of the audience to buy them now:

Start with this black ruched dress and click all the photos below also to start shopping Viridis Luxe.
Viridis Luxe Center Back Drawstring Dress in Black

Viridis Luxe Color Block Mini Dress in Black/Melon/Sand

Viridis Luxe Sleeveless Pleated Mini Dress in Melon

Viridis Luxe Parachute Cardigan with Open Back in Black

Viridis Luxe Ribbed Henley Extra Long Sleeve in Pearl

Viridis Luxe Skinny Strap Banded Dress in Navy

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Lana Fuchs star studded Mercedes Benz Los Angeles Fashion Week Spring 2009 show was the highlight of my day

on October 15th, 2008
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October 14, 2008 Tuesday

The Lana Fuchs show was the highlight of my day at the Mercedes Benz Los Angeles Fashion Week today. After parking at the Trader Joe’s lot and waiting forever for a shuttle bus to pick us up. I finally got to Smashbox Studios to find myself walking around looking for the credentials office before I could check in. Once checked in, I relaxed and looked around.

It was fun, not too crowded in the afternoon with some models from America’s Next Top Model, and a few young celebrities milling about chatting with the press before the shows. Hint flavor infused water sponsored the event which made the 80 plus degrees bearable today. Flor de Cana provided an open bar with Rose’s Cocktail Infusions which got the party hopping.

I chatted with Phoebe Price who is now doing her own line of peacock feather headbands that are selling at celebrity favorite stores Madison on Robertson, and Planet Blue in Malibu. They look pretty cool. Very Mary Kate Olsen if you ask me.

Once inside the Main Tent, I scanned the room for the celebrities and took a few photos for you. Katie Gill from Drillbit Taylor, and Minna, Australian Singer Songwriter are in one of my photos. Maybe you can help me identify some of these younger new celebrities in my other photos. (Comments are welcome.) Also, I took a photo of Lamar Odom of the Lakers in the front row. I lucked out and got great seats, thus all the great photos.

According to Lana Fuchs: The Spring 2009 Collection entitled “Rhapsody In Bloom” was inspired by the breathtaking views during a romantic walk through the gardens of Claude Monet’s house in Giverny, France, and the myriad of vivid colored saris seen while traveling from Udaipur to Jaipur, India.

I thought her pieces were definitely magical. My favorites were the large hoop dresses in black and electric blue that were reminsicent of scenes from Miller’s an American in Paris. I loved the range of her collection from the gunmetal contemporary halter to the exquisite lace tunic dresses. Everything in her collection was couture art that could be worn.

After party was at the Stork with special Guest DJ Joel Madden. It was a cool night.

P.S. I intentionally skipped the Lauren Conrad Spring 2009 Fashion Show at 8P.

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Ed Hardy Street Fame Runway Show from Mercedes Benz Los Angeles Fashion Week see it here now and updates on Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner break up

on October 14th, 2008
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Watch these videos – exclusively from Glam TV now- We have the Ed Hardy Street Fame Runway Show from Los Angeles Fashion Week -October 13, 2008 (Ed Hardy fan Madonna was not in the audience), Hugh Hefner giving the scoop about his breakup with Holly Madison and if she has moved out of the Playboy Mansion, and Angelina Jolie speaking at her Changeling premiere.

Who was at the Ed Hardy Runway Show? Lloyd from Entourage, Janice Dickenson, and Jenna Jameson to name a few.

Here are some of the looks shown at the Ed Hardy runway show on Monday, October 13, 2008 – click the photos to buy the looks now.

As you know Ed Hardy is a favorite of Britney Spears and other celebrities. Click photos below to shop now.

Ed Hardy Mermaid Halter Monokini in Black

Ed Hardy Koi Fish Halter Monokini in Baby Blue

Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly Short Sleeve Multiprint in Blue

Ed Hardy True Love Rhinestone Cap in Brown

Ed Hardy Mermaid Platinum Flocked Double Tattoo Sleeve Tee in Olive

Ed Hardy Lotuses & Buddha Short Sleeve V-Neck in Lime

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Eco-Ganik interview with designer Hoda Mallone for the Spring 2009 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Los Angeles

on October 13th, 2008
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In anticipation of Eco-Ganik’s October 2008 – Spring Season 2009- show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of interviewing designer, Hoda Mallone about her line and what it is like to be a designer for an eco friendly line.

Eco-Ganik has been worn by celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, Hilary Duff, Britney Spears, Ashlee Simpson, Gwen Stefani, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Kristen Dunst, Victoria Beckham, Nicole Richie, Rihanna, Kristen Bell, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Halle Berry, and Cameron Diaz.

Eco-Ganik is the line designed with both fashion and eco-conscious living in mind. Never before has a line been designed with such innovative designer looks and while keeping the environment in mind.
Here is something from Eco-Ganik’s Company Bio:

The Ecoganik Mission

The Green movement calls for the preservation of nature; chemical and toxic free agricultural activities, food processing and manufacturing procedure. Today’s consumers are increasingly aware of the damaging effects of pollutants, insecticides, pesticides and chemicals, and are taking an active role to select and purchase eco-friendly, biodegradable and organic products ranging from household, food, health products to clothing and accessories.

Ecoganik recognizes this consumer need to balance quality and eco-conscious living. The company designs and manufactures stylish fashion wear using only certified organic or eco-friendly fabrics. The manufacturing detail and processing all conform to the international organic certification standard.

While our customers enjoy the comfort, relaxing personal styling, and the superior quality of our organic fashion line, Ecoganik is committed to promote the alternative cropping of organic, pesticide free and low impact dye fiber that in turn saves the planet from further contamination and degradation.

Enjoy the interview: (See information about where to buy Eco-Ganik at the bottom of this article.)

1a.) Who are the designers behind Eco- Ganik?
Designer: Hoda Mallone

Hometown: Bellflower, CA

Favorite color: Green

Relationship Status: Married

1b.) How did you decide to start Eco-Ganik? Did you feel there was a need in the marketplace for this type of clothing?

Eco-Ganik saw a need for an eco-friendly line and jumped on it 5 years ago. Although we were ahead of our time, we knew this was the direction the market and the world would eventually be going. I was brought on to give the line a contemporary feeling with young, fresh silhouettes and beautiful colors.

2.) Where did you work and go to design school before Eco-Ganik?

My first, full-time job in the fashion industry was for a cashmere sweater company called, Cris. It’s there that I got my start getting my hands into every part of the manufacturing process. From there I went to Joie. I worked as the Design Dept. Manager. I worked very closely with the designers on each season and merchandised the line. I also handled all the look book shoots. It was an extremely creative position and I worked with some amazing people that are very talented and inspiring. After Joie, I started to try different things in the fashion industry, trying to find my place. I worked at a few different companies, then finally, started free-lance designing. I did that for a few months, then started here at Eco-Ganik.

3.) What is your daily inspiration?

I am inspired by everything. I am influenced and inspired by cultures and places – different cities and countries. I feel you can find insight if you look beyond your doorstep.

Music is also a huge inspiration. Sometimes a song can inspire an entire collection. I can hear a great song and see the girl who would listen to this music, and picture her whole look, at all occasions! I love when that happens.

4.) Where do you shop? Who are your favorite designers?

My favorite designers are Derek Lam, Gucci, Chanel, Chloe, and Blumarine. I also LOVE vintage! I shop at Flea Markets and Thrift stores a lot. I also love, Barney’s Co-Op, Fred Segal, Vie Los Angeles (3rd St.), and

5.) Who are your celebrity inspirations when dressing your models?

I am inspired by Rachel Zoe due to her amazing sense of style and influence on the fashion market. I am also inspired by Rachel Bilson because she is right on mark when it comes to fashion. And always, Sarah Jessica Parker is the queen of street chic. I love her.

6.) When did you know you wanted to start an Eco friendly line? How long has Eco- Ganik been around?

Eco-Ganik began 5 years ago…(see company bio)

7.) What is the best part of your day?

I love when I first get to work. Because every day is something different, some problem to solve or a great idea comes up — it’s the thrill of the unexpected. If I have to choose a moment, I love when I see a new garment for the first time! It’s truly the best part of the job. Seeing what you work so hard on, come to life. You can’t beat it.

8.) What is the worse part of your day?

The worst part is running out of time. Anyone in the fashion industry will tell you, you’re always up against the clock! Sometimes it get’s the better of you.

9.) Do you think Eco clothing is more popular in big cities or is it gaining popularity all over the country?

Absolutely it’s more popular in the bigger cities, especially on the coasts. But I just think that is the case right now. As people are gaining knowledge about the movement, it’s gaining popularity. Soon it will be a standard of living, not just choice.

10.) IF I were to buy 2 pieces from your collection- which 2 pieces should I buy for Fall and which 2 pieces should I buy for Spring?

For fall, any of the jackets or coats are the way to go! We always make innovative and fashion forward jackets and coats out of comfy fabrics like organic French Terry or organic Fleece.

For Spring/Summer, my two favorite pieces are the high-waisted puff skirt in organic cotton voile and the pleated wide leg pant in organic cotton jersey. I love those two pieces and they could easily fit into any wardrobe! I think it’s a triumph when you can look amazing and be comfortable!

11.) What were your inspirations behind the Spring collection? Behind the Fall collection? (attach photos if possible)

Although Eco-Ganik began 5 years ago, I have been brought on to re-vamp the line and make it into a full collection. We are a true contemporary line and want to express that. The show is called “Fresh Start” and all the pieces go together, it’s a wardrobe. I wanted to have pieces that you can dress up and dress down. I wanted to give women a variety of options for any occasion possible. This collection is just the first step into the fashion world. We like to think we embody street chic mixed with comfy glamour for any woman.

My direction for fall ’09 is all about New York. I love that city. It’s electric and the people dress so distinctively. I like the structure of New York. Fashion is a culture there and it makes you want to dress like you’re part of it.

12.) Is there anything you dislike about what you do?

I love fashion. In a perfect world, I’d love if everyone had an appreciation and excitement for fashion as much as I did. It can change your life! I like to think that what you put on your body is an expression of you. It’s a way to SEE who you are, sometimes it’s important to see that not just know it.

13.) Do you like feedback from the people who wear your clothes? Do you often hear the feedback?

So far, so good! We’re getting an amazing response to the first collection.

14.) Do you bring your lunch to work daily? What do you like to eat for lunch? Your favorite meal?

I did bring my lunch. I brought rosemary chicken and white bean soup. I love soup. It’s a little strange, but I think it’s so comforting.

15.) Do you have a pet? A plant? What else do you do in your life to make sure everything is ECO Friendly?

I don’t have a pet but I have a lot of plants! I think it’s important to bring the outside into your home. I have a huge green plant; it’s about 8 ft high, in my bedroom. His name is Max. My husband and I have had him for years, he’s a part of the family! I don’t know what kind of plant he is, but I love seeing him in my place of serenity. He’s calming.

As far as my eco-friendly life, I recycle, I use totes when I grocery shop, I try to use reusable containers, I try to only buy organic vegetables, and I’m buying only earth-friendly cleaning products. I do what I can and am trying to do more and more.

Thanks for taking the time with me Hoda. I cannot wait to see your line this week at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Here are some great pieces from Eco-Ganik’s 2008 Fall Season: Click the photos below to get a closer look for all the jackets, dresses, pants, tops, and jumpsuits available for purchase now.

Ecoganik Fleece Scarf Coat

Ecoganik V Neck Babydoll Dress in Black

Ecoganik Safari Dress in Creme

Ecoganik Sporty Jacket Dress in Black

Ecoganik Mala Rope Pant in Denim

Ecoganik High Waisted Jumpsuit

Ecoganik Scarf Neck Top

Click our banner here to get $10 off your order when you shop Eco-Ganik at Couture Candy.

CoutureCandy $10 Off

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Britney Spears: Womanizer Video premiere

on October 12th, 2008
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For those of you who did not see the Britney Spears “Womanizer” video on ABC News 20/20 this weekend. Watch it here now. Comments- let me know what you think.

Also, come back to Shopping and Info all next week for coverage of Los Angeles Fashion Week and more exclusive interviews.

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