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Best 5 Summer Jewelry Pieces 2012

on May 31st, 2012
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Summer is all about light jewelry. Wearing a light tee with a pair of shorts, drape a light gold chain around your neck and a pair of stud earrings. Wear a cuff with a linen button up shirt with capris and sandals. None of your summer jewelry should be heavy for summer. Summer is about showing skin and looking pretty in whites and colors with a tan and thong sandals. Here are my top five summer jewelry picks:


1)      Alexis Bittar Crystal Encrusted Orbiting Cuff: Cuffs are simple and chic, so even with detailing they don’t overwhelm your wrist like a set of bracelets can. Alexis Bittar’s rose gold cuff has pave crystals delicately placed in clusters across the sculpted bars. You can get this at Shopbop for $225.

2)      Gorjana Avery Layer Necklace: This simple gold chain is set apart by its delicate ring detailing and its double stranded bottom. It’s perfect to pair with any white blouse or dress because it won’t outshine the rest of the outfit. Gorjana sells this at Shopbop for $150.

3)      Jacquie Aiche Diamond Waif Bezel Ring: Even though Jacquie Aiche’s pieces can be a little too edgy sometimes, this ring is classic, and so great for summer. The hammered gold ring with a diamond inset is small, which makes it an ideal piece to wear with lighter colors and styles of clothes during summer. You can buy it at Shopbop for only $110.

4)      Gorjana Ava Layer Necklace: It’s seems like Gorjana necklaces are everywhere this summer! They manage to be dainty, yet eccentric and structured at the same time. Find this at RevolveClothing for $79.

Lisa Freede Lightning Bolt Bracelet: Lisa Freede’s jewelry has always been popular among celebrities because of her edgy take on most trends. This gold beaded bracelet piggybacks wonderfully on the urban trend, and it great to wear either alone or with other bracelets throughout summer. You can pick this out at RevolveClothing for only $72.

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