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Katie Holmes White Linen Pants for Summer TREND ALERT

on June 24th, 2013
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Katie Holmes White Linen Pants for Summer TREND ALERT – Katie Holmes is always ahead of the curve when it comes to style trends – she was seen wearing these white linen pants 2 summers ago, however in 2009 Jessia Alba also wore a pair of wide leg linen drawstring pants out during the summer. This summer stars like Hilary Duff and Eva Longoria have also been seen out with their wide leg drawstring white linen pants again. That just means that wide leg linen pants are a perennial favorite for summer like the navy blue and white striped nautical shirts that have now become ubiquitous to summer.

Having seen all of the celebrities who are petite out there wearing their VERY long wide leg linen pants, I took it upon myself to find CROPPED LINEN pants for summer so that someone who is petite like myself does not have to worry about taking them to the tailor when I order them online and get them to my house. I don’t want to look like I am tripping over my wide leg linen pants and I do not want to have to wear 5 inch wedges with my linen pants. BUT I also want to look like every other person wearing my wide leg pants so the inseam cannot be too short like a crop so the inseam cannot be a 26 inseam, but a 28-30 inch inseam would work so that the pants can be worn with flip flops with no issue. Most linen pants are cut at the 34 inch inseam like a pair of denim jeans that are not cropped…

I found the perfect pair of wide leg linen pants for petite gals. They are the wide leg linen pants with the wide elastic tonal waist band by Allen Allen. I love all 3 colors that they offer because grey, white or black will be perfect for summer travel. You will find yourself wearing these pants with a tank top and flip flops or with a crochet sweater and bikini top at the beach. However you wear it, you will find that you will be living in these linen pants all summer.

Of course if you are tall like Katie Holmes you can also get these linen pants, they will just be a bit shorter as you can see them on the model below. They would just be a cropped version of the wide linen pant for anyone over 5 feet 6 inches tall. Or you can get a pair from Krisa which will be just the right length for you in the 34 inch inseam.

Get the Allen Allen wide leg linen pants that are just right for petites for $80 in white and black.

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