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US Magazine lilac ruffle top

on April 2nd, 2009
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I was reading US Magazine today, the new one on news stands now with Reese Witherspoon on the cover… and I ran across the cutest lilac top. You won’t believe it, it is online only and I found it for you.

Of course, when I started shopping, I saw 2 more that I needed for Spring and Summer too so I bought all 3.

See the 3 tops I bought below. Are they beautiful or what? I just love all the lilac and pink colors of the season. Click the photos to see how much they cost. You won’t believe it and that is why I bought all 3. The one that was from US Magazine is the sleeveless ruffle lilac purple top. Click the photos, get them before they are gone.

Women: Women's Linen-Blend Camp Shirts - Purple PrintWomen: Women's Ruffle-Trim Shirts - Plum Blush

Women: Women's Sheer Cotton Camp Shirts - Pink Floral Combo Top

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