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Kids Lemonade Stand Summertime Fun DIY – Alex’s Lemonade Stand

on August 22nd, 2012
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The summer can be quite long if you do not think of great activities for your kids. Over the years I have learned quite a few tricks when it comes to keeping my daughter entertained. One of her favorite activities is doing a lemonade stand. What she loves most about it is seeing how much people enjoy her lemonade once they have bought a cup from her.

The process goes something like this –

We usually invite a few friends over to help pick lemons from our lemon tree, juice the lemons, make the lemonade, and make some cookies or cupcakes to sell along with the lemonade. The process goes much quicker when there are 2 or 3 girls since they will chat with one another and not get bored from juicing the lemons. We usually use a fork to juice the lemons and the juice comes out nicely. We learned this trick from The Food Network’s Alton Brown.

The next step is to make the cookies or cupcakes and to allow them to cool. While the baked good are cooling we gather the plastic cups, napkins, tablecloth, and table to the front door.

Then the girls work on Lemonade for Sale signs. When the signs are finished we post them all over the neighborhood. It is a good walk for the dog and good exercise for us moms.

After all the signs are hung, we decide on a location to set up shop and set everything up and wait for our customers to drive by. The girls love chatting with the customers and asking them how they like their lemonade and baked goods. They also like counting change to give back to the customers and they drink quite a lot of lemonade on a hot summer day as well. It is a great way for them to learn some life skills like marketing, customer service, and workflow.

When all lemonade is sold we head back to the house to clean up and then the girls collectively decide how they would like to spend the money they made. This past weekend, my daughter and her friends decided to donate the $30 to a charity for children with Cancer called Alex’s Lemonade Stand. They wanted to give the money to a cause that was close to their heart and they felt that a charity for kids with cancer was a worthy cause.

All in all it was a fun day with lots of great teachings. What lessons have your children learned from a fun experience?


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