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Cartier Rose Gold Arm Party

on January 28th, 2012
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Another great arm party tonight is a fun play on the Cartier Love bracelet. You take a Cartier rose gold love bracelet, a Cc Skye spikey take on a love bracelet, a leather bracelet with screws by Cc Skye, and a Hermes barenia leather etruviere double wrap bracelet and you have a fun party!

Send me your photos to be featured in a arm party feature next week.

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Jessica Simpson, Johnny Depp, Chris Daughtry all love therapeutic leather bands that are cool?

on August 21st, 2008
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I have to admit, I really like this look of a wide leather band with a stone in the middle. It is very Rock and Roll Chic. I guess all the celebs like it too. Read about the artist behind these great bracelet / bands. Great for men and women.

Rock Bands at Designers Imports

ROCK BANDS are unique wrist accessories that personify individuality. Simply, it is a “rock” on a “band,” but deeper then that the stones have healing properties; it’s a little science, a little folklore and a little spirituality. Each one-of-a-kind piece is handmade using the finest-quality aged leather and fixtures. The stones are hand carved and polished and suited for personal style, but also benefit the mind and body. ROCK BANDS are about feeling good and looking good. While most people are initially drawn to the bold aesthetic of the pieces, they are then captivated by the stories of the stones, which heal and strengthen. As each stone is associated to a charka to help balance the body, they can help with everything from concentration and digestion, to protection against infection.

Rock Bands were designed by Lee Dahlberg, a successful model and artist. His vision was to create a line which can be an extension of one’s distinctiveness and also generate positive energy. His dream came into fruition and his leather Rock Bands have become the buzz of the fashion industry.

Celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Bono, Jessica Simpson, Antonio Banderas and Nikki Taylor have been spotted sporting these hip, therapeutic Rock Bands. Some of the stones that Mr. Dahlberg utilizes in his line include leopard skin jasper, serpentine, aragonite, sodalite and black obsidian. Each stone has a unique healing power associated with it, making the Rock Band a definite reflection of your individuality and your beliefs.

Save $20 off $300 orders at Designers Imports. Use coupon code “CJSUNNY08” through August 31

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