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Floral Jeans Lana Del Rey Wore in France on January 30, 2012

on February 1st, 2012
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Citizens of Humanity Mandy Floral Roll Up JeansThis season is about wax coated denim, colored denim, and floral denim. It is like 1985 all over again. I am just not sure I like the bright colored denim trend. Unless you are very well proportioned or prepared to wear very high heels, the colored denim trend is not for you. There was a company called Bongo in the 80’s that did denim with pin stripes and colors and I remember owning a pair in red and in blue and white stripes. They also did floral print jeans and I remember not being a fan of floral denim and I find myself feeling the same way all over again. As pretty as these Citizens of Humanity Mandy Floral Roll Up Jeans in cream seem to be there is just something that I do not like about them. The floral pattern is pretty enough, but the pattern just does not look like it is that easy to coordinate with anything else. With such a busy pattern on the bottom you are limited in your choices as to what to wear for the rest of the outfit. My advice would be just not to wear floral jeans. However, if you are going to buy a pair of floral denim jeans, these cream colored jeans are probably your best bet.

Lana Del Rey was seen wearing a pair of the Citizens of Humanity floral jeans in Natural Petite Rose Print
while leaving her hotel and performing on French TV show “Le Grand Journal” on January 30, 2012 in Paris, France.

Citizens of Humanity Mandy Floral Roll Up JeansCitizens of Humanity Mandy Floral Roll Up Jeans in cream for $189.

See the Citizens of Humanity Mandy Floral Roll Up Jeans in blue denim below. Doesn’t this color pattern remind you of your grandma’s tablecloth?

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