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Joe’s Jeans Nude Platform Sandals

on June 11th, 2010
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Wow platform sandals are going sky high up to almost 6 inches this summer. If you need the extra height and want the comfort, I found the best option for you. Check out these  Joe’s Jeans Diva Platform Sandals. The reason why these platform sandals are so great is because they have a 2 inch platform to make these sandals feel like 3.75 inch heels instead of the 5.75 inch heels. The sandals also come in beautiful soft black or nude leather depending on the look you are going for AND they are $195 for a pair of very couture looking sandals. These can rival a pair of Yves Saint Laurent or Fendi platform sandals.
Joe's Jeans Diva Platform SandalsJoe's Jeans Diva Platform Sandals

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