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Sell Gold Jewelry For Cash from Joe’s Gold

on September 21st, 2010
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I sold my old gold jewelry recently to Joe’s Gold in Beverly Hills and had one of the best experiences I ever had with selling gold. This is a new way to sell gold. Just like you sell your bags to Fashionphile and random things like skis on Ebay, you can sell your old unwanted gold jewelry with Joe’s Gold. He will take your broken pieces, your gold coins, your necklaces and earrings that someone gave you that you will never wear. Simply put, if you don’t want it anymore, why not declutter your house and get some cash for it so you can buy something new? I did that recently and could not believe how much I got back for some unused old gold that I no longer wanted. I used the money I got from selling the gold as “fun money” and used it to buy a new pair of Chanel flats I have been wanting to buy for Fall. 
How it works:
I called Joe for an appointment at his Beverly Hills office. He greeted me with a happy smile and weighed all my jewelry. He weighed the 10KT separately from the 14KT and the 18KT separate from the 22KT. When he was done, he told me what he was going to pay me based on how many ounces or grams my gold was worth and paid me in cash. It was that easy. Now that gold is almost $1,300 an ounce. It is a great time to sell all your unwanted jewelry. Why not take that money to buy what you really want? If you have enough to buy a great gift for your husband. That would be great. The money you get from Joe’s Gold is like found money just like when you sell your used bags or used clothing on Ebay. 
He has 5 locations all over California and 1 in Hawaii. Call him up and set up a consultation. You will be so happy you did. I have sold to him several times now and brought friends and family to him. Everyone was always happy.

239 S Robertson Blvd Unit #10
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(310) 652-0255

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