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Jessica Simpson wears Free City Sweats & Lindsay Lohan too

on March 18th, 2013
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If you are a fan of sweatshirts and sweatpants like I am then you will love the Free City brand that was created by Ron Herman and seen on celebrities all over Los Angeles. Why I love the brand is because it is a cool graphic with a charity component  behind it. The graphics are always very cheerful and fun and the styles are cute and comfortable. I cannot think of a better outfit than Free City sweatshirts with Chanel sneakers.

Seen here Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are both wearing Free City looking comfortable casual and happy. It is definitely great stylish casual wear to wear while pregnant. This Free City brand is great because it does not pretend to be anything else. It is not a kind of leisurewear that you can wear out to events, the brand is about comfort and it is a more stylish sweatshirt hoodie or a more stylish sweat pant. That is it. Simple.

Channel your inner Jessica Simpson with a Free city Sweatshirt now for $148.

Lindsay Lohan has also been spotted in Free City hoodie sweatshirts. She was seen leaving LAX recently wearing a Free City hoodie. Other celebs include Gwyneth Paltrow, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Victoria Beckham, Nick Jonas, Chris Martin, and many others.


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Sneakerheads Chanel Adidas Nike DKNY Sneakers in my Collection Check it Out

on March 14th, 2013
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I just recently realized that my style is super simple. Although I buy all types of clothing from lace dresses by DKNY to boots by Lanvin and Ann Demuelemeester, I seem to wear Lululemon and sneakers as my daily uniform. This is definitely the uniform of the life of a busy person these days. I have an 8 year old I have to run after, hiking with my dog, tennis with friends, workouts at Burn 60 and Soul Cycle, and other activities besides work that all revolve around running after something or someone. So I have quite a vast collection of sneakers.

Let me introduce you to my newest addition to the sneakers family and that is my Chanel running sneakers. You may think it is a bit over the top to get Chanel sneakers, but I say this to those of you who live in Lululemon and sneakers and you wear your sneakers everyday all day like I do – why not look stylish? When I look at my sneakers I probably wear each pair 20 times more than I wear my Chloe ballerina flats or Jimmy Choo espadrilles so why not get the best for what you wear the most? Per wear it will cost you less in the long run. At least that is why I buy so many pairs of sneakers over other pairs of shoes.

Back to the shoes – from the top corner

Nike lilac running sneakers are the same ones owned by Kim Kardashian in black and pink. One of my new favorites that I wear to my exercise classes on a daily basis. 


DKNY Grommet wedge high top sneakers. I love them because they look like Converse but have a high heel that makes these just so chic. I wear them with rolled up boyfriend jeans and they look very cool. Shop

Prada white high top wedge platform sneakers. Love these – they are best worn with a pair of black skinny jeans or even a skirt. They make your legs look long and they are super comfortable. Don’t run in these, but you won’t trip either.

Monika Chiang wedge high top sneakers in black. These are my go to sneakers to wear at night when I go out to the movies or drinks with friends. I am comfortable and have 3 inches of height without worrying that someone is going to step on my toes in a crowd.

Asics Gel cirrus 33 hiking shoes – see the dirt? I have probably put 120 miles on these hiking sneakers since I bought them last year? I hike at least twice a week with my dog and we log about 5 miles each hike. They even have holes in them now. I am proud of the wear on these shoes.

Adidas originals white samba sneakers. I have had these for about 7 years. Yes they are clean looking I wash them. I love wearing these with tennis white shorts and a white top. I usually wear these only in the summer while out for drinks in someone’s yard, in Tahoe, or by the pool.

Top left bottom are my tennis shoes. They are New Balance. My tennis teacher got them for me to wear 5 years ago. I really don’t like these, but I wear them.

Adidas lilac purple samba sneakers sold out but I found the Adidas suede purple samba here. I just love the color lilac so I had to buy them. My 8 year old has a matching pair. We wear them sometimes when we go for walks or out for lunch and we want to match.

Asics Gel Kayano running sneakers. These are really worn. I think these may have to retire soon. I wore them for about a year almost everyday to workout and they look like they have been beaten up. Jessica Simpson is seen wearing the same ones below.

Asics Onitsuka tiger running sneakers – these were washed. I like the yellow in them. They are a cheerful shoe that I wear on a rainy day to workout indoors. They are a lot like the Nike lilac running sneakers. You feel almost like you are not wearing shoes.




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Dukan Diet Weight Loss Plan – Healthy Eating That is Delicious

on October 28th, 2012
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A healthy eating plan for fast weight loss and permanent stabilization. Dukan Diet Weight Loss Coaching will get you there. Find your True Weight now! 

I started the Dukan Diet after many failed attempts that included counting points on the Weight Watchers points diet that Jessica Simpson is on, different crash diets and the Atkis Diet. I found that the Weight Watchers points did not work for me because somehow by lunch time I had eaten all of my points because I love eating lots of food and often.

While on the Atkins Diet or the Paleo Diet as it is called today, I found I was getting sick and tired of protein and just wanted a slice of real pizza that was not made of eggs. The Paleo Diet also made eating out very difficult unless I planned on just eating meat and salad for the rest of my life.

Because I love food and believe that healthy eating that contributes to weight loss needs to be combined with Physical activity as well as portion control without food group restrictions, I turned to the Dukan Diet. Many friends had tried Paleo and Weight Watchers Points and told me that I needed to look into the Dukan Diet because it was just that easy.

Once I bought the book and read it, I started on the recipes and I can see now why someone who loves food as much as I do could stay on this diet and why French women stay thin. It is because they do not indulge in crash diets and instead rely on healthy eating habits and daily physical activity and moderation.  There are so many great recipes including my favorite Dukan muffins that you can make and keep in the freezer for an early morning breakfast before starting your day. On the Dukan Diet you do not feel deprived and are learning healthy eating habits while enjoying fast weight loss.

There are great recipes that include Tea Sorbet, Curried Turnip Soup, and Poached Beef to name a few. This fast weight loss plan will not feel like a diet.

Find Out The REAL reason the French stay thin to Learn More click

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Jessica Simpson wears Johnny Was Blue Embroidered Top

on February 3rd, 2012
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Jessica Simpson is pregnant right now and with Eric Johnson now. Back when she was with Nick Lachey and had a show on television Jessica Simpson was seen a few years back wearing Johnny Was. I only recently discovered the brand recently and really love the bohemian pretty vibe of this brand. The clothes remind me of carefree summers and sun kissed skin. If you are looking for some great options for your warm weather vacation this winter or what to wear for your summer vacation, I think Johnny Was is a totally a good bet.

One of my favs from this season is the Johnny Was Tropic Dress. It is a 100% silk dress that is colorful and billowy and feminine. Can you imagine wearing this dress while having a picnic on the beach this summer with your hair in a loose bun and a stack of Chan Luu bracelets on your arm? My other favorite is the short sleeve casing dress with the ruffled sleeves. It is a shorter dress that can be worn all summer in New York City with a pair of flat K. Jacques sandals. It is just the right light dress to throw on when it is 90 degrees out in New York City. I know it seems like it will never be 90 degrees again, but it will come sooner than you think.

Found out all of this on their Facebook page.


Read more Jessica Simpson Articles at Also get the latest about other celebrities and their fashion style at our celebrities page.

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Jessica Simpson Collection Floral Dress

on January 28th, 2012

Jessica Simpson has come a long way since her days on television with Nick Lachey.

She now has a shoes, bags, clothing and accessories empire that her fans cannot get enough of. The sweet spot for her company is the fact that she takes top trends and gives them to her fans in affordable options. So if you want that Chloe bag seen on your favorite celebrity, you can check out Jessica Simpson Collection and more than likely there is an iteration of that style available for purchase. She also sells her bags on and having watched one of those segments, the appeal of her line is definitely in its great pieces made affordable to her fans.

The spring 2012 collection from Jessica Simpson Collection is all about bohemian floral.

Floral Dress seen on Jessica Simpson is available at

Women love Jessica’s styles. It’s so chic and very affordable. Visit more often to know more about her collection. We also help provide you with excellent deals and discounts of Jessica Simpson.

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Jessica Simpson Dior black tote

on April 14th, 2010
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Jessica Simpson was spotted at LAX on Sunday getting on a flight with hair stylist and BFF Ken Paves. She was spotted carrying a new black tote bag. 

The tote bag is the Dior Chri-Chri Bag. It looks a little bit like a Hermes Birkin bag in its body shape. The quilting is signature Dior. It is a cute travel bag. It is roomy enough to hold all your travel essentials for yourself or your children. It can be used for work too to tote your laptop. 


Jessica Simpson had been a popular singer, actress, designer and trend setter. We at love her! Visit us more often to get juicy details and great fashion styles of Jessica Simpson.

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Shopping and Info Valentine’s Day Giveaway 2010

on February 16th, 2010
The winner is Ann F. of Cerritos, CA – Congrats Ann. Your prize is going out today!
A new Shopping and Info giveaway is starting today. 

Shopping and Info has a Valentine’s Day Giveaway contest starting today. We are giving away a Bop Basics Strapless Smock Mini Dress in ivory (in a size small) and a Hurley Ashlynn YC Scarf in a beautiful tie dye orange color to one lucky winner from
Bop Basics
and Hurley.

Taylor Momsen of Gossip Girl, Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives, and Jessica Simpson have been seen in Bop Basics Boyfriend Flannel Shirts and Bop Basics Strapless Smock Mini Dresses. Celebrities like Selena Gomez have been seen in Hurley scarves.

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Click the photos below if you want to shop
Bop Basics

Bop Basics Strapless Smock Mini DressBop Basics Boyfriend Flannel Shirt

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Louis Vuitton Oskar Waltz bag Jessica Simpson loves

on January 31st, 2010
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Jessica Simpson was seen in New York City a few weeks ago to support sister Ashlee Simpson Wentz in her Broadway show Chicago with her favorite “Pet Louis.” Remember when she called her
Louis Vuitton Bags
her pets? 

We found her bag for you.
Click here to get the Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Oskar Waltz Ostrich Lizard & Snake Runway Bag

Get everything Jessica Simpson straight from The latest news about her, The latest fashion style she rocks and also about her clothing line.

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Jessica Simpson Ralph Lauren sweater

on January 30th, 2010
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Jessica Simpson was spotted wearing a Ralph Lauren blue label poncho sweater a few weeks ago. That sweater looked cozy and warm. Although it is now sold out, we found some options for you for Valentine’s Day by Lauren by Ralph Lauren that are perfect for a date night out. Click the photos below to go direct to buy the sweaters, jackets, or perfect date night dress now.

Jessica Simpson has taken the music, fashion, and beauty and entertainment industries by storm. We are a fan. And I’m sure you are. So visit ShoppingandInfo more often to get all the juicy and fashion scoops about or favorite Jessica Simpson.

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QVC has celebrities Jessica Simpson and Rachel Zoe

on January 17th, 2010
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Have you ever shopped at I love because you can buy Jessica Simpson Tote bags, Rachel Zoe Faux Fur Vests, Bare Escentuals Glamorista 9pc special sets, and philosophy amazing grace bath and shower gel duos. Check it out for yourself. I love their special collections from celebrities like Rachel Zoe.  

Click the banner to shop now.

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