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Blackmeans Motorcycle Leather Jacket Awesome

on May 29th, 2013
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If you are like me and have been searching for that perfect leather jacket that is often seen on supermodels like Kate Moss, but can never quite find the right one with that thick leather that was seen in the 1960’s when James Dean wore his motorcycle leather jackets, you are in luck. I found the most amazing leather jacket I have ever seen. Not since the Balenciage leather jacket have I seen something so stunning. This Blackmeans Motorcycle leather jacket is made of that hard leather that will wrinkle with age at the elbows and age with lots of grace. This is a go to leather jacket. A favorite in your closet that will not be tossed after 1 season of wear. Made in Japan by a Japanese brand Blackmeans, this jacket is edgy and gorgeous. Regular price on this jacket was $2176 US dollars. It is on sale now for $599 US dollars on EBAY. This jacket definitely ranks in the same class as a Balenciaga leather jacket, but is rare as can be since Blackmeans is not sold in any stores in the US and has one store in London. But you can buy it online so why fly to London unless you are going to the Olympics that is… Get the Blackmeans Motorcycle leather jacket now for $599.

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