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T Mobile Someone NOT Like You is Verizon – We need to Break UP

on January 24th, 2013
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Dear T Mobile,

After a long relationship, I realized it was not going to get better. At times I thought you would change, but I gave this relationship quite a few years where you have disappointed me time and time again. Your coverage was always spotty and many times non existent. I simply cannot live like this anymore.

I have met someone new – Verizon and they are now the same price as you with better coverage. I am sorry if this seems like a shock, but after all of our conversations I learned the hard way that you were never going to change. Now I met someone not like you as opposed to someone like you as Adele says. I am saying goodbye. And thanks for making me pay more than anyone else to get out of my renewed 2 year agreement 6 months early. That confirms that I did the right thing.

It was my fault for staying with you for so long. I am just glad I finally decided enough was enough.


A former T Mobile Customer – Susana



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