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Mary Kate Olsen wedge huarache sandals

on June 16th, 2009
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Mary Kate Olsen has always been a style icon in my eyes. Mary Kate Olsen is a lot like Kate Moss in that she is edgy and original. She does not blend in with the other sheep. I like her style for sure. The Olsen twins’ Elizabeth and James line has become somewhat of a nice surprise in the last year.

I bought an amazing hooded knit sleeve leather jacket from them that I continue to live in whenever there is a cool night in Los Angeles.

Now Elizabeth and James are making shoes. Check out these great huarache sandals that MK has been wearing all over NYC. Aren’t they just inspired? Click the photo to buy them now. The little wedge on them is what makes me swoon.

Elizabeth and James Edge Huarache Sandals

Also, here is a photo of my jacket in case you want it. It is on sale now. I just love the versatility of the jacket. It is pure genius.

Elizabeth and James Highland Jacket

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