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How Did Bruce Lee Die ?

on May 18th, 2009
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How did Bruce Lee Die? That is one of the great mysteries of martial arts. People still love Bruce Lee.

We found the original seller who sells the real deal on Ebay- The same manufacturer who made the Bruce Lee yellow jumpsuits.

Click the photo to your left to go buy it now on Ebay in time for HALLOWEEN.

The suit has been selling like hotcakes because martial arts and Bruce Lee are back in a big way.

Ever since Uma Thurman wore the Bruce Lee jumpsuit in the Kill Bill movie, women, men, and teens have been buying these jumpsuits for Halloween costumes every year.

This year, get a jump start on buying the suit by clicking the photo of the suit here before they are sold out again and you can look as stealth and cool as Uma Thurman did in Kill Bill and as cool as a cucumber as Bruce Lee in the Game of Death movie.

Side note, according to the Martial Arts Planet forum, Bruce Lee is so popular in Hungary a Bruce Lee statue made out of bronze was erected in some town square as a sign of strength.

Looks like everything retro and 70’s is back in a big way. We love it.

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