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Bally Ostrich Jana tote bag

on April 10th, 2009
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When I was in Hawaii in December with my family, we went to the Honolulu Bally store to look around. My dad bought 2 pairs of shoes on sale and my brother in law bought 1 pair of shoes not on sale.

My sister fell in love immediately with the BALLY Jana Tote and took the bag off the shelf and held it and looked at it in the mirror. The sales guy, who was probably new, immediately went to my sister and said, “this bag is Ostrich and very delicate and expensive are you interested in it or should I put it back?”

My sister, who has a job in private equity and owns a closet full of Chanels said to him, “if it is so delicate, you better take it back”. I am not sure what he meant, I am assuming he was just a new guy and not used to dealing with customers. My sister was probably going to buy the bag on the spot, but decided to just give him back the bag since he assumed she was not going to buy the bag. Anyhow, long story short, she bought the bag when she came home online and loves the bag. He lost his commission and she saved on tax too. Free shipping and no tax.

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now. Get the bag and pay no tax and get free shipping if you want this gorgeous Bally Ostrich bag. She loves it. BALLY Jana Tote

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Obama and JK Rowling in Honolulu Hawaii December 2008

on December 23rd, 2008
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I got gossip for you girls and boys.

Spotted in my hotel, 2 days ago, JK Rowling wearing a sarong giving an autograph to the bellhop in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Obama arrived on Saturday into Honolulu, Hawaii for a 10 day vacation, and JK Rowling was spotted on Saturday at this historic Honolulu hotel. She was gracious and nice and gave an autograph with a smile. We cannot tell you anymore. But, I thought you Harry Potter fans would just love this bit of information.
Also, my hotel hosted the Univerity of Hawaii football players for the Hawaii Pro Bowl and my room was adjacent to the hospitality suite so I got to see lots of the football players walking back and forth. Notre Dame players were staying across the street at another hotel. Lots of sightings in a few days. It has been a very fun week so far.

Happy Holidays from Hawaii. Here are some photos of the stores I visited for you to find the best deals.

One of my favs, Kate Spade is having a 30% off sale, Juicy Couture, J Crew, Chanel is having a sale, Burberry is having a sale, who isn’t having a sale right?

The Chanel sale is mostly shoes that are 2 toned. I like the more classic styles of Chanel myself. I visited Hermes which was not on sale, and Burberry had lots of bathing suits on sale. I got a great white halter top bikini on sale. The Juicy Couture sale did not have much left in the store.

The Ala Moana Mall’s Neiman Marcus had a 30% off sale, but the shoe section was definitely already picked pretty thin. J Crew had lots on sale but my quilted long hooded puffer was sold out in every size but large. If you want one, call Lisa at this store at (808) 949 5252, it is now $169 plus 20% off. Bally had a to die for beige ostrich bag like the one Angelina Jolie carried in my previous post in black that was 50% off. There are lots of deals to be found, but overall I felt like the sales online were far superior.

If you have questions, email me. After looking around for a few days, I can only confirm that the sales are better online. Check out our list of sales at now, I have listed tons of coupon codes from many amazing brands. Shop from home and stay warm.

Click here to shop the Juicy Couture coat sale. I found some amazing deals online that I think were just as good or better than the stores.

Click these photos below to get these amazing puffer coats on sale now. Free shipping with code FREESHIP at checkout too.
Women: Long puffer coat - Black

Women: Cropped puffer coat - Llama beige

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