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Peplum Neoprene Black Dress not for Scuba diving

on November 4th, 2012
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Neoprene is not just for scuba diving anymore. This season J brand made a pair of scuba material skinny jeans that was although not the most flattering unless you are 90 pounds, was modern, chic, and as comfortable as can be.

Alternatively, a dress in neoprene is something to behold. Lanvin made a ruffled confection this season in a bold blue.

Pros about this material:

The material is virtually wrinkle free

It lends a modern look to any style

Dresses in neoprene can be very flattering on the body

Some of my favorites this season include:

Three Floor’s v neck neoprene low back ruffled dress for $165. The dress is at once pretty feminine and sexy and could be rocked with ankle Rag & Bone boots as well as pumps for a holiday party.

Topshop’s neoprene peplum dress is $92. The peplum styling of this dress holds it shape with the neoprene material. As demure as the peplum dress can look the neoprene gives the up to date look that will give anyone the ability to make this look edgy with a spike choker chain.

Dorothy Perkins Black Neoprene dress is $29. For those who are reluctant to invest in a trend, go ahead and indulge in this little neoprene lampshade silhouette v neck dress to wear for this season.

Neoprene is a modern material that is making a statement this season. I love the neoprene black dress trend. A peplum dress is a great way to wear the neoprene trend. Because peplum is a style that could be worn next season, you can indulge in the neoprene trend while investing in peplum for a dress you can wear again for years to come.


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