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Prada Vitello Shine Hobo Bag

on November 7th, 2011
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Prada Vitello Shine Hobo BagThis is modern Italian awesomeness. Ever noticed how some Prada bags look “Prada” while others don’t carry off the same mystique? Well, this Vitello Shine Hobo bag belongs in the first group. It is pure Prada, and you just know it. Some brilliant Italian designer must have dreamed it up, you immediately intuit. There’s something about wearing a shiny calfskin distressed denim shoulder strap bag that makes you feel special and “taken care of” by the Gods.

Have you had a rough time in the recent down economy? Do you need a “pick me up” to refresh your perspective on your inner beauty with some “outer beauty”?

Look, let’s get realistic: buying this cool Prada bag won’t instantly transform you into one of those ultra fashionable ladies who are at once unfairly skinny and immaculately put together.(You know the kind — the chic chicks wearing “I’m cooler than you” sunglasses.) Nor will the simple act of purchasing a Prada bag transport you to some hidden side street in Capri, where you get to indulge in creamy gelato alongside a mysterious foreign beau who either IS a multi millionaire or simply dresses like one.

But the clothes we wear — and the accouterments we possess — do inform our sense of identity on many important levels — levels that psychologists are only beginning to understand. Point is: indulging in a treat like this might be surprisingly good for the body and soul.

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