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Olivia Palermo wears Lanvin Sneakers High Tops

on April 7th, 2014
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Olivia Palermo wears Lanvin Sneakers High Tops  – This is great – this past weekend Olivia Palermo was seen walking around New York City wearing a pair of Lanvin high top sneakers, a fur lined navy coat, red jeans, and retro tortoise sunnies. I love the fact that she is STILL wearing these Lanvin high top sneakers. These are from last year and she is still wearing them. Olivia Palermo has also been seeing using bags from past seasons and mixing with newer season styles which is great for fans. It is not great for people who want the newest styles all of the time, but it is great for those people who love her style and want to follow her style, but don’t want to buy something new all of the time. Great that she mixes everything in a high low way too for fashion.

Lanvin high top sneakers can be found for $695

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Converse High Top Sneakers on Hot Chic

on March 8th, 2014
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Converse High Top Sneakers on Hot Chic. So there is a hot chic wearing a pair of cool Converse dove grey high top sneakers. It is about 80 degrees in Los Angeles today and everyone is showing some skin. If you have not thought about getting in shape for summer, now is the time to buy that Fitbit and start working out and eating right again because swimsuit season is about 3 months away for the rest of the country. For those of us who got to glimpse skin early because of our 80 degree temps today, we saw that there were plenty of people who were in shape and ready to look great when the weather is warm.

For instance this hot chic in her cut off denim shorts and her mid drift t shirt and her grey Converse high tops. Well, for those of you who like the Converse high tops, get them now in the newest 2 1/2 inch wedge platforms in the dove grey to lengthen those legs if you are not exactly in the same shape as this person.

Converse dove grey high tops for $79.

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Chanel Spring 2013 Sneakers Trend – Camellia Flowers & Running Shoes

on March 13th, 2013
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If there is anything I love – it is the sneaker trend. Sneakerheads you have probably heard me go on and on about my Monika Chiang, Prada, and DKNY wedge sneakers, but these Chanel camellia sneakers for Spring 2013 are pretty much the bomb. I cannot think of anything more chic and unique and really collector’s than these Chanel camellia leather sneakers. I tried them on today and fell in love with them right away. I did not buy them, but am now pining over them after tearing myself away from them.

Here is what I like about them – they are pretty limited so unless you live in a city where stylebloggers are on every corner, you can bet you will have a pretty unique look when wearing these camellia sneakers.

The SA at the store wore her black camellia sneakers with black jeans and a black top and looked pretty fab. The shoes did everything for the outfit and I can see them being worn all spring with black leather shorts or even trousers. These can go with anything. The beige color is pretty fab too because it has that fresh spring look. They are sold out at Saks, but they have a few sizes left at Neiman Marcus and at the Chanel boutiques. They are definitely a don’t wait kinda thing. At $1995 they are an investment though, but the soft leather camellia flowers added on individually is craftsmanship and makes this pair of shoes a regret if you do not buy them before they are sold out. The inside is lined in leather and the laces are leather. If there was ever a well made COMFORTABLE pair of shoes, I would say this pair hits the mark.


My other favorite are the Chanel running shoes which are also selling out in most of the color combos. My favorite is the subtle grey and cream colored Chanel running sneakers. They are comfortable and you can actually run in them. I think as long as you do not slog through the rain in them and hike in them with your dog, you should be able to wear these for years to come and look chic everytime you are working out or want to look like you are working out with your LuLuLemon Wonderunders and tops. I like em. These are good ones too.

Last, they had tiny Chanel Le Boy Bags and Giant Le Boy Bags in the store. The Chanel boy bag trend is here to stay and it is definitely a good bag style to hop on. I like it. This trend took me a little while to like, but now I really do like it – one of my favs spotted at the store today is the small velvet yellow Chanel boy bag.


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Nike Dunk Sky Hi Wedge Sneakers in Black are the BOMB

on February 2nd, 2013
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Why are these Nike Dunk Sky hi wedge sneakers so awesome? Well – for one thing these are one of the pairs of wedge sneakers where you do not see the wedge. They are high tops and they are just cool. You don’t look like you are trying too hard with a pair of high heeled sneakers because you are wearing a pair of NIKE sneakers. If you want a SOLID pair of sneakers and a throwback funky 80’s on trend style, don’t hesitate or wait, these Nike sneakers sell out fast in black.

The sneakers have a 3 inch hidden wedge and a 3/4 inch platform. You will look great and taller to boot. You won’t need to wear heels to the basketball game anymore, just wear sneakers with skinny jeans and look casual and cool at the same time.

Nike Dunk Sky Hi Sneakers for $120.

Lara Stone was seen wearing the black pair with the black laces that also come with these sneakers.

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