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Hermes Cape Cod GM Watch

on November 20th, 2014
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Hermes Cape Cod GM Watch – This is on my wishlist for the holiday season. Yep my wishlist consists of a Chanel Le Boy bag in black with the gold hardware and a Hermes Cape Cod GM Watch. That is a big wishlist and that is why it is on the wishlist. Here is why this watch is so awesome.

It is a Ladies’ stainless steel 29mm Hermès Cape Cod GM quartz movement watch with white dial, silver-tone luminous Arabic hour markers, date display at 3 o’clock position, silver-tone luminous baton hands, signed push/pull crown, long double tour tan Barenia calfskin leather strap and signed buckled closure. I love the classic sleek look of the watch with the double wrap bohemian styling. It is a watch you can wear in the country or at work in the city. This is a versatile piece that you can wear and it is function and fashion all in one piece.

I found it for less because you can get it pre owned for 30% to 40% less retail.

Get this Hermes Cape Cod GM Watch for about $800 less retail and taxes – so about $1,000 less retail.

Chanel Boy Bag – wallet on a chain for $3,095

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Hermes Birkin Barenia 35CM BAG – HOLY GRAIL of Birkins

on June 10th, 2013
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Hermes Birkin Barenia 35CM BAG – HOLY GRAIL of BirkinsAT this point thanks to the Kardashians everyone know what a Hermes Birkin bag is – but do any of you know what the Barenia birkin is? The Barenia leather in the birkin bag is considered the holy grail of the birkin leathers because it is no longer being made and is the natural vegetable dyed leather that is still used today to make the Hermes horse saddles. They made a few of the barenia leather bags in the 90’s and then stopped making the barenia bags because of the leather shortage that Hermes started experiencing in finding high quality leathers to make those barenia birkin bags. The barenia leather is the most exquisite velvety leather to the touch and anyone who can get their hands on a barenia bag will usually never let it go. Every so often you will come upon a barenia bag and usually it is never the right size, but once in a long while you will find the 35cm and it will be in great condition and then it is just whether or not you can get your hands on it fast enough. The Barenia leather is a leather that is meant to be enjoyed and worn in. Just like the leather on the Hermes horse saddles, the patina will continue to darken with age and take on the gorgeous cognac tone. Some scratches will happen on the bag and that is all part of the leather’s natural personality and is for the woman who is a real collector of the Hermes bags. If you own Hermes bags and do not own the barenia leather you must own this one. It is really a collector’s piece.

Check out this Hermes barenia birkin 35cm here now.


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3.1 Phillip Lim Ruffle Leather Jacket plus Bottega Louie Desserts for Lunch

on February 20th, 2013
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Today was fun. I had a meeting downtown at Bottega Louie. My meeting was fashion and technology related.

Here is what I wore – my favorite 3.1 Phillip Lim ruffle leather jacket in black, Vita Fede Titan bracelet in rose gold, Hermes Medor watch, and Hermes large clic clac bracelet.

Shown in the photo are the Bottega Louie macarons in a box of 5. Pink box housed the cheesecake tart that my 8 year old devoured in the car on the way home from school.

Why I love this 3.1 Phillip Lim jacket? It is leather and on trend but also has a beautiful feminine style with the ruffled peplum bottom that will easily go with a skirt or jeans. I wore my jacket with a black Equipment signature jacket, DL1961 Emma coated denim jeans and Monika Chiang wedge sneakers.

Great jacket for Spring and summer nights into Fall. I own it in the cognac leather from last season as well.


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Buy a Hermes Birkin bag from the Store – How To Guide

on November 27th, 2012
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Hermes Black Togo 35cm Birkin Bag
You want to buy a Hermes Birkin bag at the store. Here is a how to guide on what you need to do. According to a poster on the Purseforum, here is what you need to do.

Originally Posted by View Post
Honestly the sa’s don’t know until the day before a delivery what is in the shipment, then they begin to allocate to VIP clients. Throughout my time in obtaining a very particular leather and HW combo I was taken to a fitting room and showed the birkins that arrived for the week! While being shown I can’t tell you the amount of times I heard people asking the SA for a birkin and the SA saying “sorry haven’t seen one in a while”, meanwhile I was two feet away viewing two or three options. It’s all a part of the game with Hermes. You need a relationship with an SA, not always one built on money and spending although that is the easiest way. With time if you get to know a SA and you build up a relationship that’s the key to getting what you want with out buying

To me that is quite a lot of work to do to possibly be offered the ability to buy a $9K to $11K Hermes Birkin bag. You could possibly be offered one in orange or green or yellow. A longtime SA told me at the Beverly Hills store that in her whole career she has only seen a white one twice. If you want a black one with palladium hardware you probably have to do what the person said in the threaded discussion on the Purseforum and stop by to say hello to your SA and then buy things all year round from Hermes.

Here is my issue with the strategy above:

1. You need a lot of time to visit the store regularly to just say hello to your SA. Most people work. Of course maybe if you want to buy an Hermes Birkin bag you will go daily at your lunch hour. If you do not work, do you want to spend so much time showing up at your local Hermes boutique just to ingratiate yourself to your SA in order to be given a chance to purchase a Hermes birkin bag?

2. What if your SA has a running list of VIP clients based on how much they spend with her or him yearly and you are not on the top of that list. There are people who buy and own the $185K crocodile diamond  Hermes birkin bags, you are competing with that group of people. Will you take the risk and invest your time and money to TRY to have a CHANCE to get offered an Hermes birkin bag in some random color and random size that they will have available the week they call you? According to the SA at my local store, she said that there is also a leather shortage right now and the older craftsmen are still trying to train younger apprentices to take their places when they retire so there is also a shortage of people who can craft a Hermes birkin bag.

3. I also read online that people often do not want to lose their good relationship with their SA so they will show up when they are called in to purchase a Hermes birkin and they will buy the bag even if it is not the size or color they wanted. Then they turn around and sell their bag on Ebay or to a consignment store and wait again for that call from the SA with another bag in another color combination and size.

4. There have also been rumors from friends of mine that their SA told them that if they bought a watch from Hermes that they would be guaranteed a Hermes birkin bag and they will be called. That just seems so specific I am wondering if there was a commission bonus structure for SAs that month to sell more watches and the SA who sold the most got a bonus for being the top salesperson.

5. Previous to the new policy where Hermes took their Hermes birkin bags off the sales floor, I have seen at least 3 Hermes birkins in my local store during the times I popped into my local store. Having gone to the Hermes store maybe 12 times in the last 7 years, I saw an orange 35cm  Hermes birkin, a blue 30cm Hermes birkin, and an exotic skin 35cm Hermes birkin that was $48,000. And they sold them every day when they put them out. Why would they want to keep them off the floor now? Their best customers probably have a Hermes birkin bag or four already, why not give someone else a chance to buy one like a Hermes newbie? I first bought my Hermes birkin 30cm when I walked in randomly one day 7 years ago (before the Hermes birkin was $10K) during only the second time I had ever been in any Hermes boutique store. It seems to me that the old policy of putting one out a day as they came in was a better policy than telling people that they need to shop around the store and buy and become regulars before they can buy a $10,000 bag. I mean it is definitely a good sales strategy to sell more Hermes products and the SAs can make more commission, but I don’t think it helps with getting more new customers if they know they have to invest in at least a couple thousand dollars in order to be given the opportunity to buy a Hermes birkin bag.

Anyhow, these are just my thoughts. If you want a Hermes birkin bag right now in the specific color and size you want – you may want to check reputable consignment stores like now because they have quite a nice selection at the moment. And without running by your local Hermes boutique daily, you can buy one right off of the internet from and have it shipped to your house. Just a thought.

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Hermes and Prada Holiday Gift Giving for Yourself – A Green Guide

on November 10th, 2012
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It is that holiday gift giving time of year again and you are probably getting invitations to parties and booking trips to go see your families. Gift giving is always a stressful time of the year and you will need to figure out what to get your husband’s brother’s wife or your mother in law’s boyfriend for holiday gifts, but while doing that why not take a little time and give yourself something special for this time of year. You work hard you deserve it. What is it that you have wanted all year? Is it a Hermes birkin bag? A pair of Prada shoes? a Rag & Bone jacket?

This year we thought we would make gift giving even more rewarding for you to shop designers for yourself for the holidays by thinking Green. Why not look at items that may have been pre loved? When you buy something preowned you can get quite a great deal. You can also find items that are very hard to find or no longer being made. So many great finds can be found when you are not looking to shop for your favorite designers in the same place where everyone else is shopping. You may end up with a highly coveted piece that the designer no longer makes. Also you may find something for a loved one to fill your gift giving quota.

Case in point – the following items were rare finds on that I thought you may be interested in. They are all designers and in great condition. Think GREEN this holiday and save.

Rag & Bone Navy blazer regular $595 now 80% off

Rag & Bone sold out turquoise blazer regular $595 now 70% off

Hermes tie neck sweater regular $750 now $99

Hermes Barenia Birkin bag in 35cm – no longer made – highly coveted – found at – lowest price online if you can find it at all and they accept layaway. Wish list – birkin bag – check. Why not buy the rarest of the rare of the Hermes birkin bag?

Prada nude pink ballerina flats – sold out in all stores FOUND here.

Helmut Lang black v neck cowl top $225 now $69 so gorgeous.

Tory Burch sandals still on site for regular price for 50% off

Theory drape neck top on sale for 70% off

Iris Apfel turquoise chain link necklace so chic

J Crew v neck cardigan with flower 

Amazing strapless black dress like one seen on Angelina Jolie

Pocket Watch Necklace 

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Hermes Birkin bag BARENIA FOR SALE

on October 25th, 2012
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If you have ever heard about the highly coveted holy grail of bags – The Hermes Birkin bag in the all natural barenia saddle leather – you have probably heard how hard it is to find.

You may also have heard that it is for the person who really likes their bags to age. You may have seen the bag in movies and sold on sites for $14,000, but never in person. I found recently at a more reasonable price for those of you who have been searching for this bag.

Fashionphile recently got one in. It has been previously loved however a Hermes barenia birkin bag is supposed to be used and given the ability to age like saddle leather. It usually darkens in patina, but is a very tough leather. So it will never break or crack and it gives it tons of character.

Hermes sales associates often discourage taking the Hermes birkin bag in the barenia leather to the Hermes spa because it is supposed to wear with character.

So for those of you who want a NEW looking bag this is not the one for you. For those of you who love the look of a great pair of distressed boots and want your bag to have that same type of character then the barenia is the right leather for you. I happen to love it.

These bags are usually hard to find and this one is priced under the retail price of a Hermes birkin bag in the 35cm size. Last I checked the 30cm size of the Hermes birkin bag was going for $8950 before their price increase. I think it is closer to $9500 for the 30cm now. Not only is a Hermes birkin bag but it is a barenia bag.

Hermes Barenia Birkin bag from for $8,950.

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Shopping and Goodies October 10, 2012

on October 10th, 2012
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Chanel Hula Hoop Bag? Love it or leave it? Shopping and Goodies has the scoop on some of our favorit designers, stylish looks for fall and an amazing collaboration between two fashion-favorites. Check out all the news of the week from the web’s finest fashionable blogs.


A Few Goody Gumdrops asks… would you jump through hoops for Chanel’s Hula Hoop Bag?

Be Voguish shares the collaboration between Maison Martin Margiela and H&M!

Girls Talkin Smack scoops about celebs with a rebellious streak!

Shopping and Info is drooling over the Hermes Collier de Chien belt in gold!

Simply Sample Sales shares several stylish looks for some fall fashion inspiration.

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Hermes Medor Black Clutch with Gold Hardware seen on Katie Holmes

on October 9th, 2012
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The Hermes Medor black clutch with gold hardware along with the Hermes collier de chien bracelet is probably the best combination of jewelry and bag for a night out. If you are not out for work then this is the clutch to take along your credit cards, lipstick, cell phone, and keys for the evening. The Hermes Collier de chien bracelet is the perfect accessory for a night out. No need to wear a watch, this large bracelet is a statement piece all by itself. What do you wear with it? Well even if you just wear all black, the accessories will make the statement for you. No one will be looking at your clothing as long as it is understated elegance if you are carrying these two must haves. Seen here on Katie Holmes.

FOUND a Hermes Orange Leather CDC Collier De Chien Cuff Bracelet – Sold Out In Stores

Buy the Hermes Black Leather CDC Collier De Chien Cuff Bracelet seen on Katie Holmes now.

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Hermes Collier De Chien Belt

on October 3rd, 2012
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The Hermes Collier De Chien belt is making a bit of a resurgence. There were many style bloggers wearing the belt in their photos for a while and then no one was wearing the belt and everyone was wearing the Hermes Collier De Chien bracelet. Now the Hermes Collier De Chien belt is back and the bracelet is taking a break from the arms of the fashionable. Maybe the arm party is taking a backseat now that fall fashions are taking front row. My favorite combination of the Hermes collier de chien belt is still the black leather with the gold hardware. I recently saw a size 90cm at the Hermes Beverly Hills store with the palladium hardware and I must say if you have to own this belt, you should own it in a gold hardware. The belt just makes more of a classic statement in the gold hardware.

Hermes Collier de Chien belt spotted here for $1434 in preowned great condition.

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Hermes LARGE Clic Clac Bracelet

on October 3rd, 2012
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I was never a fan of the Hermes Clic Clac bracelet, but the newest wider clic clac is quite a good looking bracelet. It looks vintage even…I recently got the Hermes clic clac as a birthday present and I must say the bracelet is gorgeous. I never liked the thinner versions although people liked to collect them in different colors, I just felt they were too…ordinary.

This Hermes clic clac wider bracelet is truly a gorgeous piece of jewelry. It is a statement piece. I never knew the mechanics of this bracelet and I do not think the thinner version has this type of mechanic, but I was very surprised to learn that you have to squeeze this wider bracelet together and twist the H to the left in order to open it. So this bracelet is basically super secure. The mechanics of the bracelet are truly a work of art. It is so brilliant how they created the locking mechanism. The weight of the bracelet is also very substantial and the enamel is pure Hermes.

If you can find the bracelet in an Hermes store, buy it. Last time I was there I spied a white palladium one, but no more black with gold hardware or black on black hardware.

Retail $840.

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