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Clutter Storage To Help Clean Up For the Holidays

on December 8th, 2014
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Clutter Storage To Help Clean Up For the Holidays – I recently discovered a new service that is BRILLIANT. It is like UBER but for storage. Do you hate trekking to your local scarey store unit 30 minutes away to get something out of storage that you may need for the holidays or to change out your wardrobe for the season because you don’t have enough space in your house? This service is awesome because they come to your house and help you box up whatever you want to have stored and they take it away for you. When you want it back, you go on your iPad and click on the items you want back and you get them brought back to you for a small fee.

Here is why I think this service is a great idea. I would never store my stuff at a storage place where I cannot see what stuff I have stored away because most likely I will forget what I have stored there and in a year or two after paying for all that storage I may just not want any of it anymore because it is outdated or I bought something else to replace it because I forgot I owned it.

This is really brilliant for someone who has lots of shoes or clothing. For instance if you have clothes and shoes for summer and spring and you have a hard time finding everything in your closet because it is way too cluttered, why not split your clothes up by season and send the rest to Clutter Storage. Then you can just look on your iPad for the items you want back when the seasons change and with a few clicks and swipes, you can have the Clutter Storage folks come back and grab everything you don’t want for the season and store it away AND you can get the stuff back that you want to wear for this season. This way you will always have an organized way to deal with your clothing and you will not have to worry about a closet that is too full with hidden items that you don’t wear because there is too much in your closet.

This is also great for the holidays when you want to get rid of some of the furniture or kitchen gadgets in your house to make the house look more spacious for your holiday guests. Have Clutter Storage come by and pick up your bigger pieces of furniture or kitchen gadgets and store them until you need them back. Your house guests will think you redecorated!

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