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Vintage Floral Crystal Heirloom Gold Necklace

on December 20th, 2012
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This necklace will make people think you inherited as an heirloom from your great grandmother from the Edwardian Era. Natch you don’t want to admit anything on the contrary. This flower lattice necklace will definitely make everyone look twice even if you wear it with a black cashmere sweater and jeans. It is one of those beautifully detailed pieces that look vintage and feel heavy enough to be believable.

You won’t put this necklace in your jewelry drawer and forget about it. You will probably want to wear it even on casual jaunts to the beach. It is not a delicate flower and definitely not meant to be a wall flower, so wear it with t shirts, tops, sweaters, and dresses and flaunt it.

Breathtaking blooms—crafted from hand-cut faceted stones and sparkling Czech glass—in a dramatic color palette that makes for a bold statement necklace. This is one piece you’ll have (and love) forever.

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