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How to Make Cashew Milk at home

on August 22nd, 2012
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Recently I embarked on a personal journey to eat as clean as possible. That meant cutting out sugars, refined grains, and any processed foods. When people think about a task like this they think that it would be hard work. It actually has been a relatively easy transition since we as a family were relatively healthy to begin with. My feeling was if we want to stay healthy we needed to only eat whole foods and not processed foods. I started to read up on eating foods that were not made in a factory and learned about the best options for my family. One of my favorite finds during this whole food transformation was the discovery of the most delicious treat any person could ever encounter. I discovered the Cashew Milk and Almond Milk.

Cashew Milk and Almond Milk were unlike anything I ever tasted. When made fresh with some spices the milks tasted like milkshakes. They were thick and creamy and filling.

I modeled my homemade cashew milk from my favorite Blueprint Cleanse cashew milk. I have no idea the proportions of the ingredients they use, but I tested my version until I thought it was pretty close.

Here is my recipe:

3 cups of cashews raw

2 cups of water

1 tsp of cinnamon

4 pitted dates

1/2 tsp vanilla

Add all ingredients to your mixer or Vitamix and let it emulsify all your ingredients. Enjoy as your dessert or breakfast in a tall glass.

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