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Jenny Han fashion designer worn by celebrities Catt Sadler, Mena Suvari, Jessica Simpson, and more: Exclusive interview with Shopping and Info

on October 6th, 2008
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In anticipation for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Los Angeles, I interviewed fashion designer, Jenny Han about her top picks for the season, her favorite shopping spots, and tips for young aspiring designers. Check out all the fabulous photos of her picks, as well photos of celebrities wearing Jenny Han.

Some of Jenny Han’s celebrity fans are:
Catt Sadler, host of E’s The Daily 10. She’s a big Jenny Han fan. Catt has worn Jenny Han on the show on several occasions and also attended the Fall 08 fashion show at LA Fashion Week.
Hayden Panatierre is another fan of Jenny Han. See the dress she is wearing in this photo.
Jessica Simpson – She’s wearing the chunky roll-neck sweater that is such a hot item. It was available last season, but comes in a whole new array of colors for this Fall/Holiday. (You can click Jessica’s photo to buy the fab sweater coat from Jenny Han now.)
–Other celeb fans of the collection include Nicky and Paris Hilton, Mena Suvari, Amanda Bynes, Britney Spears, Ashley Jones, Minka Kelly, and the Cheetah Girls, to name a few.

Here is the Jenny Han interview – an exclusive from Shopping and Info.

1.) Where did you get your start in designing? I started as a designers asst. at a large sportswear company called Clio Sportswear in 1994.
2.) Where did you work and go to design school? FIDM in Los Angeles
3.) What is your daily inspiration? I’m inspired by the possibility of giving women an opportunity to dress up and give them that lifestyle that they fantasize about whether it’s from a magazine, or TV or whatever. Clothes can give you that opportunity to live that fun and fancy fantasy, even if it’s just for a minute.
4.) Where do you shop? Where are your favorite shops around the world? I love the night markets in Seoul and China, such great original, forward sophisticated fashion, and I know that no one in the states will have it. I always feel special like I discovered a secret that no one knows. Locally, I love Barneys, Scoop, Opening Ceremony.
5.) Who are your celebrity inspirations when dressing your models? I don’t dress the models to look like any celebrity, but I think Kate Moss’s style is original and individual which I admire. She’s perfectly imperfect. I’m inspired by the girls I see everyday on the street that live and dress the lifestyle that is sophisticated, quirky, and interesting.
6.) When did you know you wanted to design clothing? 10 yrs old.
7.) What is the best part of your day? When my head hits the pillow.
8.) What is the worst part of your day? First thing in the morning is hard, because I mentally run thru my head all of the things I need to get done, that I haven’t done, don’t want to do, etc. I have to bolster myself mentally in the a.m.
9.) What advice do you have for young aspiring designers? Have a plan. You could be the most creative person on earth, but not get anywhere. Just like anything else in the world, fashion is a huge business. It takes more than skill to be a successful design house. Remember, art and commerce go together, and at the end of the day, you want your designs or product to sell. Learning about the business is just as important as knowing the art.
10.) IF I were to buy 2 pieces from your collection- which 2 pieces should I buy for Fall and which 2 pieces should I buy for Resort? For fall, definitely our chunky snap front rolled collar sweater, we can’t make enough of those, and our faux fur marled cropped fur jacket, it’s perfect for any occasion, and feels so good.
11.) What were your inspirations behind the Resort collection? Behind the Fall collection? I don’t do Resort but I do Spring. I can give you sneak peek at Spring 09. . .it sort of takes you through the months of Spring (Jan thru May). It starts off with muted water color prints, and ends with fun and fancy statement pieces. For Fall, I was really inspired by the Halston revival, and sort of tried to capture that in our Fall show. It wasn’t literal, just our take, with the high-waisted trousers, drapey blouses and dresses, and oversized collars, etc.

Thanks for taking time with me Jenny. My readers are always asking for an inside look into the fashion world, and your answers will give them a great insider’s look of your world as a designer.

For shopping: click these photos below: Jenny Han’s pink ruffle top as seen in the photos above that she did for breast cancer awareness month is available now. Click the photos below to do some shopping to raise money for Breast Cancer research.

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