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Eyelash Extensions for Summer Fun

on June 25th, 2012
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In the summer you want to be as carefree as possible since it is hot and you may be traveling. This means you will be wearing strapless dresses, shorts, or light tops and tunics. You probably want to spend as little time as possible doing your make up too. I have a solution for you that would make you beauty regimen a thing of the past.

What about just getting eyelash extensions that last the whole summer? The ideal situation would be to get semi permanent or permanent eyeliner if you wear eyeliner and then eyelash extensions and you literally can wake up, put sunscreen, moisturizer, and lip balm on and you are out the door.

How do you find a reputable place that does eyelash extensions? Always read Yelp pages I find they are pretty reliable. If you live in Chicago, Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, Dallas, LA or NYC a quick google search and you will find many places that do eyelash extensions including top salons in the cities.

I recently got my eyelash extensions at a Beverly Hills salon and I cannot think of anything better. I have been told that eyelash extensions are bad for your lashes, but I have had them in for 6 weeks now with fills in between and even had them taken off once and there were no lashes missing.

There are some pros for eyelash extensions:

You do not have to use mascara anymore

You look wide eyed and pretty as soon  as you get out of bed

You  do not have to take any eye make up with you when you travel

Your eye make up will not fade all day

Here are a few cons for eyelash extensions:

You may not want to look like you have long lashes all of the time

You may not like the idea of something being glued to your natural lashes

You do not want to have to maintain them every 3 to 4 weeks with refills

Whatever you decide just make sure to do your research.




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