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on February 21st, 2013
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ETS CALLATAY CLASSIC DERBY BLOCK WEDGE HEELS – HANDMADE – I love these shoes. They are handmade and each pair takes 25 hours to make. That is craftsmanship that you only see in an Hermes bag and not in many other things these days. Everything is manufactured and mass produced in some factory and the designers who design the original pieces are often never part of the production process other than their drawings and their draping of the samples.

These shoes are made in a studio in Paris with 25 hours devoted to each pair of shoes. Crafted from calf leather, wood wedge heel, and leather soles, these shoes are pieces of art with stitching that shows the art of crafting a pair of shoes. I love them for their style. They are a great pair of shoes to wear all spring into the next Fall season of Fall 2013.

  • Round toe and the inner heel features a reinforced black leather panel with visible black top stitching at the exterior heel.
  • Interior in black leather, wedge heel crafted from black wood.
  • Joachim de Callatay makes each pair of shoes by hand in his Parisian workshop, using only French components.

The shoes were originally $1871 and are now on sale for $375. Get them now here before they are gone. Own a piece of art that you can wear on your feet and add a few inches to your height too.

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