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Green smoothie recipes Eva Longoria would drink

on July 11th, 2009
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Good Morning America had celebrity chef Rocco Dispirito on the show today to talk about Green Smoothie Recipes that can help us get on track to a healthier summer. Celebrities like Eva Longoria Parker and Tony Parker have had that green smoothie fix for quite some time now. Get your green fix today. I posted some great recipes that I like to use daily to keep my family healthy.

1 handful of fresh organic spinach
1 stalk celery (Optional)
1 or 2 sweet yellow filipino mangos
enough water to blend

1 bunch red dandelion
1/2 small small watermelon
6 strawberries
1 cup of grapes

1 bunch dino kale
2 oranges
6 strawberries
1 cup of grapes

1 bunch green kale
1 pint strawberries
3 small peaches
2 cups water

6 peaches
2 handfuls of spinach leaves
2 cups water

4 apples
½ lemon juice
5 leaves of kale
2 cups water

4 ripe pears
5 leaves of kale
½ bunch of mint
2 cups water

1 cup strawberries
2 bananas
½ bunch romaine
2 cups water

2 mangos
1 handful edible weeds, (ambsquarters, stinging nettles, purslane, etc)
2 cups water

One half small seeded watermelon peel and all ( amazing by itself actually! )
10 strawberries
1 bunch spinach
1 cup water.

1 beautiful bunch of red dandelion greens
1 orange remove orange part of peel with knife, leave the white as it is high in calcium
1 mango
1/2 banana

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