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Greats Brand Sneakers NEW FAVORITE for MEN

on August 18th, 2013
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Greats Brand Sneakers NEW FAVORITE for MEN – their logo is #nowholesale and they have their G stickers everywhere on flagpoles and lightpoles all over New York City. Their Warby Parker concept is genius and their enthusiasm is infectious as seen on Twitter and Instagram. They are Ryan Babenzien of K Swiss and Boast USA and Jon Buscemi of DC Shoes. These 2 guys have lots of frequent flier miles and are vets in the fashion industry. They know what guys want when it comes to great sneakers.

One look at their 2 new models of sneakers the Wilson which is all canvas for $59 and the Royale which is suede and leather for $99 that are both lined with leather soles and you know that they know what men want in a great pair of sneakers – comfort and style. AND the leather soles are an added bonus because now your feet won’t smell if you go sans socks.

My one complaint about Greats Brand is the fact that these sneakers would be great for us gals as well. I see that you make a size 7 for Men – that would mean a gal with size 9 feet could wear these right? Make some in size 4, 5, and 6 and you will have women buying your Greats Brand too. I am just saying…Can’t you just see these with a floral dress or a great pair of boyfriend jeans and a blazer in the Fall? Anyhow if any of you want these sneakers for your dad, boyfriend, or husband get them. They are a steal and a deal and is like getting Prada for Gap prices.

Greats Brand congrats. Brava.


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