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Victoria’s Secret 2012 Fashion Show Alessandra Ambrosio

on December 5th, 2012
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If you missed last night’s Victoria’s Secret 2012 Fashion Show with Alessandra Ambrosio wearing the 2.5 Million dollar diamond and gemstone bra here is the picture. The bra was replete with green emeralds, pink sapphire, and yellow canary diamonds. It was definitely a piece of jewelry history. Of course I am wondering how many of the guys were actually looking at the $2.5M bra and how many were looking at the bodies of the models. These 36 bust, 24 inch waisted, 36 inch hipped 5 feet 10 inch freaks of nature are definitely a sight to behold.

I always wonder how society decided that this tall look was what should be the society’s most coveted physique versus the Renaissance round physique. It is interesting that this current physique of 20 pound underweight models is the model of beauty in the world at the moment. Wonder how long this trend will last before we revert back to the Rubenesque figures from the Renaissance. It would be a kind of relief for most women I am sure.

Anyhow, getting back to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Rihanna was one of the highlights obviously singing Shine Bright Like a Diamond. But where was Heidi Klum? Did I miss her?

On another note Alessandra Ambrosio was seen toting the Givenchy Pandora tote recently on a rainy day in Beverly Hills at the end of November. Is this the new model must have? So if you are a model you wear the Rag & Bone moto boots, Balenciaga leather jacket, and now the Givenchy Pandora tote versus the Balenciaga city bag from the Kate Moss era.

Here is what I like about the Givenchy Pandora Tote:

1. The Givenchy Pandora tote is great as a crossbody messenger bag.

2. It is also great as a shoulder bag.

3. It has a distressed crinkled leather so you do not have to baby it.

4. It can be worn everyday and holds quite a bit.

5. It comes in lots of colors and fur and skins.

It seems to be the must have bag for this winter. So if you are looking for a versatile everyday bag, get the  Givenchy Pandora bag for $1,780.


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