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Emmy Rossum’s Navy Trench Coat with Leather Sleeves at LAX

on February 8th, 2013
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Emmy Rossum was spotted in the Line & Dot Leather Sleeve Trench  while at LAX in Los Angeles on Thursday, February 7th. I love the look of a leather sleeve and this Line & Dot leather sleeve trench is pretty cool with her boyfriend ripped jeans and flats.

Emmy Rossum was headed on Thursday night into NYC to visit family and probably to attend a few New York Fashion Week shows. Snowstorm or not, she was headed to the big apple.

My daughter has pneumonia so tickets were booked to depart on Thursday for a few shows today, but alas hotels and flights were cancelled because she came down with pneumonia.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has done a great job streaming lots of the shows for those of us who could not make it because of sickness or weather.

Let’s see where we spot Emmy Rossum next.



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Fashion Week Sandwich Recipe Ciabatta and Mortadella

on February 5th, 2013
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Well if you are like me and missing New York Fashion Week because your child has pneumonia instead of going to Monika Chiang’s show in Lincoln Center this week, you will be at home working for your little CEO making hot tea, doling out antibiotics, making chicken soup and homemade sandwiches.

One of my 8 year old’s favorites is the Ciabatta sandwich I make that is so simple but made with the freshest and best ingredients.

Here is the secret to this gorgeous sandwich that I make for her without fail when she is sick.

The secret – buy fresh bakery ciabatta bread, fresh cut deli mortadella, organic avocados, and Kale microgreens. That is all it takes but because it is all fresh and healthy it looks gorgeous on a white Wedgewood china plate.

Recipe –

1 ciabatta roll

1 avocado

4 slices of thin mortadella

1 handful of kale microgreens

Slice open the bread into a half, toast it, spread avocado on both sides of the bread, add half handfuls of microgreens to each side of the bread on top of the avocado, and add the mortadella. Close the sandwich and enjoy.

This is a simple sandwich that always helps my 8 year old feel better when she is sick.

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Shopping and Goodies February 15, 2012

on February 15th, 2012
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Well just because Valentine’s Day is over does not mean that there is nothing to shop for. Think spring and closet cleaning and new wardrobe changes. After all that is why we are all attending Fashion Week in NYC or at MAGIC in Vegas. We want to know what the hot styles will be for Fall 2012. One of my favorites is the upcoming colored and coated denim for Fall 2012. The trend is getting bigger than ever and it is going to be all about colored waxed ankle zip skinny denim. Can you believe it? I cannot wait. For now see what the Shopping and Goodies gals are talking about from New York to Las Vegas.

A Few Goody Gumdrops is dazzled by these stylish hanging white gold earrings designed by Rodkin, Stone, Irit and Hardy!
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The Budget Fashionista takes a look at Whitney’s hair styles over the years!

TheFind is relieving Fashion Week foot fatigue with a secret remedy to soothe shoe-induced leg and feet discomfort.

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Shopping and Goodies Fashion Week Edition

on February 9th, 2012
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Shopping and Goodies is about cutting edge fashions and fashion week news. Check out what is going on this week in Fashion during Fashion Week.

A Few Goody Gumdrops loves Nina Ricci’s Raspberry Tiered Ruffle Bag!
Girls Talkin Smack scoops about celebs who are sore losers especially Gisele Bundchen!
Shopping and Info is obsessing over the Chanel ankle booties as seen on the cover of Nylon Magazine!
The Budegt Fashionista shares amazing tips on Thrift Store Shopping!

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