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New Year New You Workout & Diet Ideas

on January 7th, 2016
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TT_SWTNSK_A_23862New Year New You Workout Ideas & More – What are you doing to get in shape after the holidays? Did you eat too many buttermilk and pecan pies this holiday season? How were those peppermint barks and eggnogs? Did you have one more indulgence on New Year’s Day before putting it all away? Every New Year people start off with good intentions and then it all falls away by February 15th. Suddenly it is the long President’s Day weekend and everyone feels like they need to take a long weekend diet break and eat pizza again. Here are a few ideas on what to do to stay on track.

  1. Workout Daily – Working out daily might sound like a lot of work, but one way to approach working out is to not put too much pressure on yourself. Think of working out as something that you can gradually build upon daily. If you take your dog for a walk in the am before work, make sure the walk is brisk and takes you 20 minutes. Do that same walk after dinner with the dog and you just did 40 minutes worth of working out that day. Put in another 20 minutes after dinner while watching television. Instead of just sitting there and watching television get on the floor and stretch or do some planks and a few burpees. Do 2 minutes of planks and burpees during each commercial break. That will add up to 10 minutes of planks and burpees while you wait for your show to come back on. Taking the stairs or walking to lunch instead of driving is another way to get in some extra steps daily. A little adds up to a lot.
  2. Don’t Diet – Instead of dieting, make your lifestyle about eating well. In the am drink a full glass of water with lemon first thing in the morning and make egg whites with whole grain whole seed bread like Dave’s Killer Bread . This protein and fiber packed start to your day will give you tons of energy and keep you full so you won’t want to indulge in donuts in the break room at work. At lunch, make a conscious decision to eat a salad. Choose to eat a salad with a protein that you like. Eating a salad will add more fiber to your daily diet and you won’t feel exhausted and need a nap by the time lunch is over. Bring some Skinny Pop Popcorn in a ziploc bag to work and munch on it as a snack in the afternoon. A healthy snack will keep you satiated so you don’t run to the vending machines for a candy bar. At home, always prepare chopped vegetables and have them ready to cook or make into salads for dinner. Defrost those proteins you want to use for the evening in the fridge so that a healthy meal is less than 15 minutes away. This way you won’t be starving by dinner time and grabbing something unhealthy while waiting for dinner.
  3. Fun Activewear – Get some fun workout activewear to add to your wardrobe so you are motivated to get moving before or after work and on the weekends. Fun printed camo leggings and printed tees with fun messages  and a warm down camo print vest will make you look and feel great and want to get moving. My moto is “when you look great you also feel great.”
  4. Make Exercise and Eating Healthy Fun – Don’t think about getting in shape and eating better as a chore. Make eating well and being healthy a fun activity. Chop up vegetables in lots of fun colors and display them on a platter. Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating boring foods. Colorful green celery, red peppers, orange carrots make a pretty display when cut up with some hummus. Working out is fun when you take a brisk walk through an area full of stores with pretty window displays. As you have fun doing these activities, you will find yourself getting in shape in the New Year without any of it feeling like a chore.
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Kelly Ripa Exercise and Diet Routine

on January 19th, 2014
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Inspiration post the Kelly Ripa Exercise and Diet Routine is something every working woman should try to emulate for the New Year. When I was looking for inspiration in my New Year diet routine I decided to use Kelly Ripa. Because  I am petite at 5 feet 2 inches in height, I decided that my fitness inspiration had to be someone like Kelly Ripa and not someone like Miranda Kerr who was 5 feet 10 inches tall.

After I chose my fitness inspiration I looked at someone who had a daily routine that mimicked my daily routine in that I have to work daily and have to take care of my kids and family. I wanted someone who actually had a normal schedule and had to deal with family and not someone who did not have a family and could work out any time they chose during the course of the day. Thus, Kelly Ripa was my choice because she works daily taping a show and has to go home to three kids who she has to eat dinner with and possibly help with homework etc so her daily time for herself had to be scheduled in. Granted Kelly Ripa does have full time help and probably a person who helps cook for her on a daily basis so it is probably easier for her to juggle her workout schedule, we can all aspire to be good to ourselves and schedule at least 30 minutes a day to do some type of workout a day to maintain our health.

When asked about her diet Kelly Ripa said she tries to make sure she makes healthy meals for her family that include salads like the one where she adds feta cheese, watermelon, and blueberries together. She said her diet was mostly about eating healthily and working out daily. Nutritionists have always said that it was 80% food and 20% exercise since it would take at least 3 hours in a day to run off a 800 calorie meal from a fast food restaurant versus making healthy choices that were filling and nutritious for our bodies like good fats, veggies, fruits, and high quality proteins that would fill us up without unnecessary fats and sugars that would only add to our weight gain.

Here is a video of Kelly Ripa’s workout that she does 4 to 5 times a week on top of adding Soul Cycle or other exercises to the mix for the other days of the week. She works out daily so that she can worry less about her eating. She talks about varying her workouts and eating healthily to keep her mind and body healthy. From research on the internet it looks like she weighs just about 100 pounds and that is a little light for someone of her height, but the camera does had 10 to 20 pounds so she does have to be slimmer than the rest of us since it is her job to look good. That being said, she is all muscle and her routine works for her.

In an interview Kelly Ripa even said that if someone does not have time to hit the gym or workout with a trainer they can just walk because walking is a great exercise. I agree. Sometimes when I am in a rush and cannot get to a Cardio Barre class or the gym to run for an hour I just take my dog for her daily walk and run for 10 minutes. It is good for me and good for the dog. And to get in a little bit extra I will take a walk during lunch.

What have you done for your exercise routine? Did you choose someone to be inspired by? Are you going to change your diet? Are you going to exercise more?

For additional motivation, I like to buy new workout clothes every year after New Year’s to motivate me to get back into the gym and workout towards my goal of bikini season for the summer. My favorite brand is the Adidas by Stella McCartney workout gear. Check it out here.

Here is a video of Kelly Ripa also working out with trainer to Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Richie doing the Tracy Anderson Method which is a dance cardio routine.

Instead of paying $500 a month to be a member of one of  Tracy Anderson’s gyms you can buy her workout to use at home. Tracy Anderson – Metamorphosis by Tracy – Omnicentric – 4 DVD Set.


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Every Blogger NEEDS A Walking Desk – Treadmill and Desk Hybrid

on January 26th, 2013
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Don’t tell me you have not thought about it. I sure have and I am thinking about getting one. How many hours do you spend at your desk daily? Do you feel like you are spending tons of time at your desk and getting fat? Is your blogging job killing your New Year’s resolution?

After adopting a walk more mentality and spending more time walking with my dog I still have those days where I am just unable to fit in the time to get in that hour of exercise being sitting down at my desk between traveling to events, meetings, and picking up my daughter at school.

My sister suggested this to me and I think it is a great idea. Forget about whistling while you work how about just burning calories and losing weight while you work? I like that idea.

The TrekDesk Treadmill Desk $528.88 on sale. It is definitely a no brainer since it is probably a write off as a work expense. It is a desk after all…

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Celebrity private trainer online now

on January 27th, 2009

Have you ever thought to yourself “if I had a private trainer come to my house like the celebrities I would be fit and healthy”? I always thought that too and realized what I was missing was someone to motivate me daily. Recently, I had the pleasure of taking one of Marc’s classes, training on his new site, and interviewing Marc Montemerlo regarding his new site to help me loose weight. His site is called Skinnymenow. I found that Marc Montemerlo is exactly the type of motivator I needed in my life daily. Marc is energetic and passionate about exercise and nutrition, and his energy is contagious when you read his site.

Marc is a celebrity fitness trainer and has trained many celebrities through his various weekly classes. Now Marc is bringing his expertise to everyone in America who does not live in Hollywood, but wants the same great tips and tricks of the celebrities to get fit and look great.

Marc Montemerlo’s site photos are not airbrushed, he really has that chiseled physique in person and he works his body like an expert to get those cut abs and arms. He knows exactly what to do and is now giving us those secrets. Marc Montemerlo is a native of South Africa where he worked as a Reebok master trainer and as a training officer for the South African Defense force.
Since arriving from Cape Town, South Africa seventeen years ago, he has earned two certificates from the American Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and the American Council on Exercise (ACE). He has trained celebrities and travels frequently to make presentations at fitness conventions throughout the world.

Read the interview I had with Marc and click here to check out how to loose weight now with Skinnymenow for yourself. It is an amazing eating and workout plan that will get you into shape fast. I am really enjoying it and find that I am full of energy daily as a result of the foods.

1.) Marc – where are you from? I was Born and raised in South Africa but now live in Hollywood, California.
2.) IF I wanted to lose 10 pounds in the next 2 months. What do I have to do in terms of mindset to get started? Great question Susana…Mindset is KEY!
First, you need to figure out the problem. If you want to lose weight – why? Are you uncomfortable? Unconfident? Find shopping for clothing difficult and depressing? Feeling low in energy?
And then you need to ask yourself if you’re really committed to SOLVING your problem and losing your extra pounds? Are you ready to put in the effort?
If you answered yes, then the time is right for you to do something about it. And to use a popular phrase these days – “Yes YOU CAN!”
Remember, though, the time it has taken you to gain those extra pounds and be REALISTIC about the time it will take to lose it. Also, be prepared to take it one day at a time and please abstain from that daily weigh-in on your bathroom scale – it is counterproductive and will drive you crazy.
And then, of course, most importantly – go and sign up for Skinnymenow and be strong with the knowledge that it is in your power to make a success of it. Be committed, ACTION = RESULTS!!
2.) Lots of people are starting new workout programs and diets in the New Year because of their resolutions. What do you think is the most important thing about starting a new workout program in the New Year?
Hmmmm…interesting question! As I said before, it all begins when you decide to finally take ACTION.
Whatever your trigger, something has shifted you into ACTION mode. The next critical step is to find a workout program that will best suit you. The most important things to look for when you are making your selection are: Is it simple? Is it user-friendly? Will it motivate you? And of course – can you realistically stick to it?
2.) What makes your program different from the ones that are out there now?

My Skinnymenow
program that I have developed over the years is a jump start to a new healthier, sexier YOU. What makes it different? Well, first and foremost – it’s SIMPLE. Most of the health and fitness sites that are out there today are so complicated that you can barely make it to the ACTUAL program after filling in all the pages and pages of sign-up and set-up info. Not to mention, there are just way too many options and choices, and I find a lot of my clients get overwhelmed and end up DOING NOTHING because they can’t figure out which option to do!

is safe and simple. I am by your side holding your hand and motivating you every step of the way through videos and emails and guarantee that if you follow this program you WILL see results.

3.) Do you help with an eating regimen in your program?
Yes, yes and yes! You can work out for hours and hours, but if you are not working on your diet too, you simply WILL NOT get the results. Skinnymenow provides a comprehensive but SIMPLE eating plan – no counting calories or weighing your food!
I also give daily nutrition tips and tricks. For example, did you know that an easy way to control your portions is to put your food on a smaller plate?

5.) What is your favorite snack food?
Snacks are where most people make their worst eating mistakes as they generally snack on whatever is easiest and nearest, which 9 times out of 10 is a bad choice . I vary mine but like to have protein shakes with a piece of fruit and some nuts or plain non fat yoghurt mixed with trail mix. My best midmorning snack is egg whites, mixed 7 whole grains (steamed) with some salsa.

6.) Do you endorse a cheat day in the diet / workout ?
Absolutely – an eating plan that is too restrictive will make you feel deprived and you can’t keep this up long term as the cravings will take over. I always promote a balanced, healthy attitude towards my client’s eating lifestyle. In my program you are allowed ONE cheat meal per week. You can really select whatever you have been craving and enjoy it guilt free.
9.) What is your favorite dessert?
As I said – a “cheat” meal is very important and dessert is my favorite :) I could do a whole long list here, but would have to narrow it down to any warm dessert with a dollop of icecream.

4.) Which celebrity clients have you worked with in the past?
A few of the celebrities I have worked with over the years include: Chris O’Donnell, Marcia Cross and Reese Witherspoon. Many other celebrities slip into my weekly group fitness classes that I give.

10.) Which workout clothes and shoes do you think I should buy for my workout? Brands?
Workout gear needs to be comfortable and must allow for ventilation. I am a big fan of ‘Lululemon’ for ladies. Their gear has a super snug fit with loads of support (where needed) and great colors and styles to choose from. For guys, I like the Adidas training running range. My brand of choice for trainers is Adidas – love the Megabounce as a great cross-trainer.

If you want the Adidas Megabounce that Marc likes – click the photo here to buy them now so you can have them at your house ready for you to workout in a few days! Free shipping and no tax.

Click the photo now.

adidas Running - Megabounce+ 2008 (Lava Metallic/Black/White) - Footwearadidas Running - Megabounce+ 2008 W (Neo White/Metallic Silver/Light Rubia) - Footwearadidas Running - MegaBounce NeoStar (White/Black/Silver) - Footwear

11.) Is there a difference in workout mentality between the US and where you are from?

The biggest difference that I have noticed is that in the US people are definitely more influenced by fads and trends in training and dieting. Unfortunately, if something looks too good or easy to be true – it generally is.
The great part about being in the US though, is that I have access to the leading edge of innovation in the Health and Fitness industry – and I don’t mean fads, but rather true advances that I can then use to help my clients.

12.) What do you love about working out?

Working out makes me feel energized, connected and well balanced. It’s great to know that after every workout I have achieved something. It helps me clear my mind and make space for renewal. Isn’t that what it’s all about? A sense of achievement and clarity that we can then apply to all the different facets of our lives!

If you are interested in passing mcsa certification but do not know how to take on then go through our online pass4sure CCIE-LAB simulations and 642-974 dumps with 100% pass guarantee.

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Debra Messing MBT shoes for weight loss

on January 7th, 2009
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I recently read the article in Shape Magazine about Debra Messing losing 42 pounds over 3 years from her pregnancy. She spoke about how she was depressed because every other celebrity was losing their baby weight in 6 weeks while it took her 3 years to lose all the baby weight.

I found the article to be honest and empowering for normal women who have weight to lose, do not have personal chefs, and need to go to work daily.

Debra Messing also talked about the MBT shoes that she wears whenever she is not working to help tone her abs and legs. I did a little research on the MBT shoes and found out MBT shoes are physiological footwear – the first footwear that has a positive effect on the entire body. MBT stands for “Masai Barefoot Technology.” MBT sneakers and casual shoes are designed using a multi-layered, curved sole which makes for a unique and rewarding walking experience. Few shoes can keep your muscles engaged in a purposeful way, but this is what MBT has done.

The many benefits of MBT shoes are not only substantiated by numerous scientific studies; they are also being enjoyed on a daily basis by more and more health- and fitness-conscious people who improve their physical fitness by merely wearing this physiological footwear. MBT shoes can activate neglected muscles and tone and shape the entire body.

Once I found all this information out, I had to buy myself a pair. I got mine a week ago and have been wearing them everywhere I go. I love them and feel that my legs are feeling like they are getting a workout.

Other fans of these shoes include Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna.

Click the photos if you are interested in seeing for yourself:

MBT - M.Walk '08 (Pink Mesh/Synthetic Leather) - FootwearMBT - Sport Low '08 (White PU-Coated Material/Mesh) - FootwearMBT - Tambo (Chocolate Split Leather) - FootwearMBT - Kaya (Chocolate) - Footwear

MBT - M.Walk '08 (Silver) - FootwearMBT - Tambo (Black Full-Grain Leather) - Footwear

Another great shoe brand I found were the Earth shoes. These shoes are also the same concept as the MBT with a few more styles for running, flats, and boots. Click these photos below to get a closer look at the Earth brand:

Earth - Proper (Black Crinkled Patent) - FootwearEarth - Lodge (Beaver Suede) - FootwearEarth - Rocket K - Vegan (White / Silver) - FootwearEarth - Rocket (Ice Blue/White) - Footwear

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Epicurious eDiets weight loss plan

on December 31st, 2008
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Now that the holidays are coming to an end, I have found that I am 5 pounds heavier than I was before Thanksgiving. For someone who is not very tall, 5 pounds is a lot of weight to put on.

I only remember a frenetic amount of eating daily from Thanksgiving until after Christmas. Every day we either ate at a restaurant or a holiday party. The food was too good to be missed. Every meal was like my last meal. So, a few days ago I signed up for

When I checked out the cover of US Magazine today, I noticed Britney (who was supposedly in India over the weekend) is back to her fighting weight. Many other celebrities are working on getting back to their pre holiday weight as well. Since I am a picky eater, I picked the plan. You can find your perfect diet with eDiets and the food is good and voted #1 by Epicurious which is saying a lot.

They have tons of diets to choose from, you can eat, drink & be thin on the Mediterranean Diet! They also have a healthy Soy Diet at There is also the Eat to beat heart disease at And many other diets to choose from. is the only way to wine and dine your waistline while losing weight.

Get one FREE week of meals with your first eDiets’ Deliciously Yours meal delivery order so you can try it out for yourself.

If you need to lose weight like I do? Lose 10 lbs in 5 weeks with eDiets.

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Reese Witherspoon jogging on Sunset Boulevard Thursday in Brentwood

on December 11th, 2008
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Living in Los Angeles, I often see lots of stars walking around. I only report on my favorites or the ones I think you would be interested in hearing about. Here is a good sighting of one of my favorites.

While driving on Sunset Boulevard at 9:30A on Thursday, I saw Reese Witherspoon and her trainer starting their run.

Reese is always out running and it is nice to see that even though she is usually followed by paps, she will try to just do her thing.

I have seen her at Jamba Juice and a few other neighborhood places and she is always in good spirits. She is definitely one of my favorite stars. I loved her in Four Christmases. It is a must see movie for the holiday season.

If you want to buy what she is wearing. She is wearing Patagonia. Click the photos below to shop now.
Patagonia - Women's Plush Synchilla Hoodie 07 (Velvet Brown) - Apparel
Patagonia - Women's R3 Jacket (Velvet Brown) - ApparelPatagonia - Women's R3 Jacket (Thin Ice) - ApparelPatagonia - Women's Synchilla Vest (Earthenware) - ApparelPatagonia - Women's Down Vest (Sea Urchin/Balsamic) - ApparelPatagonia - Women's Plush Synchilla Pants (Velvet Brown) - Apparel

Patagonia - Women's Cozy Daze Capri (Siesta Blue) - ApparelPatagonia - Women's Synchilla Arctic Jacket (Sable Brown) - Apparel

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