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Erin Condren Customizable Travel Suitcase

on October 23rd, 2013
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This year, take your luggage to the next level with NEW customizable luggage from Erin Condren! With the ability to personalize your design, you’ll definitely be able to spot YOUR bag as it comes down the conveyer belt.
Launching this Thursday, October 24th, limited qualities are available for purchase.
“EC On The Go” is the ultimate traveler to have for the holidays:
  • Large Size (comes in grey or black): $295
  • Medium Size (comes in black or red): $245
  • Personalized luggage tags: $20 for set of 4
  • Packing pads: $15
  • Available exclusively on
  • Additional luggage tags and packing pads sold separately
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Erin Condren Customizable Life Planners are MUST HAVES

on August 23rd, 2013
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Erin Condren Customizable Life Planners are MUST HAVES – I attended the Erin Condren Editor’s Preview yesterday in Los Angeles and fell in love with some of the newest additional ideas from Erin Condren’s customizable collection of lifestyle products. Erin Condren started doing her customizable planners in 2007 and since then her business has grown from customizable planners to lunch boxes, acrylic recipe boxes, customizable iPad and iPod stickers, family planners, and much more. I recently got one of her customizable lunch boxes from her and loved everything about it. 

My newest obsession from the Erin Condren collection are her very unique collection of Life Planners. Everyone has been going digital and nothing seems to be written out with pen and paper anymore, but as a mom with a family, a job, and social obligations I find the life planners to be essential because I like to see everything in front of me written out on a piece of paper.

When I saw the life planners in person yesterday I loved the fact that you can look at your week from Monday to Sunday and that you could plan your life out from work deadline to after school homework and activities all in one place. The planners can be customized with pictures that you can download straight from your Instagram or Facebook accounts so that the laminated covers are one of a kind and show all the pictures of all the people you love in your life. You can also order stickers of your loved ones to use to stick on special dates as reminders, and there are stickers that you can order that you can use as tabs that are customized with messages or words to remind you of specific tasks or events in your life. You can even add additional notebooks that can be clipped into the planner for more notes on your life activities. These planners are not just for people who have families. You can buy these life planners if you are a college student and want to make sure you plan your social and school life in an organized way. If you are a working single professional you can also use this to make sure your work and life are balanced as well. This life planner is amazing because you can totally customize it to fit your lifestyle.

I cannot say enough about it and cannot wait to get my own customizable planner so I can start filling it out with all my life events. You will want this book with you all of the time. I think it is even fun just to look at with all the fun pictures that you will customize on the front and back covers. Check out at

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Back to School Erin Condren Lunchbox

on July 22nd, 2013
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Back to School Erin Condren Lunchbox – here is an idea for you mom – so have you heard of Erin Condren? I guess she is sort of the Martha Stewart of nifty functional stationery and now day planners and lunchboxes.

I recently got this lunch box for my daughter  from Erin Condren and I am blown away by the pure genius of the whole concept. I get it you are probably saying to me how cool could a lunchbox be? Well cool moms – this is a cool lunchbox. 

Here is why I love this lunchbox –

The box is washable in a durable plastic

It has a sandwich box and 2 side veggie and snack boxes and an ice cooler thing to keep the food from spoiling

The stickers and personalization inserts for the lunch box are reusable and can also be changed by just ordering more

All these little things that Erin Condren has thought about gives your little person a little more fun and variety in their lives while toting their lunches to school and field trips. And the cost is lower than most leading brands of lunchboxes that give you all these great items.

Which one would you pick?

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Erin Condren Celebrity Stationery Giveaway for Father’s Day

on May 27th, 2010

Erin Condren is excited to announce her men’s line in time for Father’s Day! Just like her traditional line- men will now have their very own personalized notepads and note cards.

Star fans include Katie Cassady, Tori Spelling, Jenna Elfman and Brooke Burke.

Shopping and Info is very excited to announce another Father’s Day giveaway. Erin Condren is giving away a set of men’s notepads and stationery valued at $68 retail.
To enter:

Here are the 2 things to do to enter the contest.

1.) Go to Facebook and become a Fan of Shopping and Info.

Make a funny comment on this post about what your dad will say if you win this and give this to him as a gift for Father’s Day.

Contest rules:

One winner will be chosen randomly by Shopping and Info. Contest will begin today, May 27, 2010 at 12:30 PM PST and end on June 12th, 2010 at 12:00PM PST. 1 (One) Winner will be chosen randomly by Shopping and Info from the Facebook Fan list of Shopping and Info by June 13th, 2010 and the winning prize package will be sent out on or before June 15, 2010 from the Erin Condren company’s office. The prize will be sent directly to the winner’s home address from the Erin Condren Company. Prize package is not redeemable for cash. $68.00 cash value of 1 (one) Erin Condren Father’s Day Giveaway prize pack sponsored by Erin Condren is an approximate retail value. Winner must respond within 48 hours of email contest from Shopping and Info or prize will be given to another randomly selected contestant. Shopping and Info and Erin Condren has the right to substitute prize colors, prize value, actual prize, prize brand, sizes, and or configuration based on availability at the end of the contest. Winners will only be chosen from contestants who are Fans of  Shopping and Info’s Facebook page list. Prior to receiving the prize, winner must submit a testimonial and a liability release form signed and sent back to the Shopping and Info offices. This contest is restricted to US Residents. For more information on contest rules, please click here to see general rules from ongoing and past contests on the site.

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