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Smythe Magenta Plaid Hunting Jacket seen on Maria Menounos

on January 25th, 2012
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Maria Menounos was seen in the Smythe Magenta Plaid Hunting Jacket  and in a pair of däv Equestrian solid black rain boots while filming an episode of Extra at the Grove in Los Angeles on January 23rd. It is so strange to see Extra filming daily at The Grove but I suppose it is a good way to get people involved on the show and also get more people to watch for the possibility of seeing themselves on television. Maria’s total ensemble is very cool in that it has a very English country hunting vibe with a decidedly modern twist. Her boots are equestrian in style, but they are made of rubber and keep you stylish in the rain. They are also lined in a felt that will keep your legs warm from the cold rainy days on January and February. The hunting jacket with its leather elbow patches hint at a very traditional hunting jacket however that is where the traditional reminders stop. The Smythe hunting jackets are modern cuts of flattering ladylike jackets that give you Hollywood good looks. Even English Royals love Smythe as seen on Kate Middleton in the past. The jackets are made to look like a custom tailored jacket without the custom made wait time and price tag. Now on sale for over 50% off. It is a great time to get your own Smythe jacket for the rest of the winter.


Smythe Magenta Plaid Hunting Jacketicon is now on sale from $650 to $259.99 at

däv Equestrian solid black rain boots are available for $95.

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