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Dukan Diet Weight Loss Plan – Healthy Eating That is Delicious

on October 28th, 2012
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A healthy eating plan for fast weight loss and permanent stabilization. Dukan Diet Weight Loss Coaching will get you there. Find your True Weight now! 

I started the Dukan Diet after many failed attempts that included counting points on the Weight Watchers points diet that Jessica Simpson is on, different crash diets and the Atkis Diet. I found that the Weight Watchers points did not work for me because somehow by lunch time I had eaten all of my points because I love eating lots of food and often.

While on the Atkins Diet or the Paleo Diet as it is called today, I found I was getting sick and tired of protein and just wanted a slice of real pizza that was not made of eggs. The Paleo Diet also made eating out very difficult unless I planned on just eating meat and salad for the rest of my life.

Because I love food and believe that healthy eating that contributes to weight loss needs to be combined with Physical activity as well as portion control without food group restrictions, I turned to the Dukan Diet. Many friends had tried Paleo and Weight Watchers Points and told me that I needed to look into the Dukan Diet because it was just that easy.

Once I bought the book and read it, I started on the recipes and I can see now why someone who loves food as much as I do could stay on this diet and why French women stay thin. It is because they do not indulge in crash diets and instead rely on healthy eating habits and daily physical activity and moderation.  There are so many great recipes including my favorite Dukan muffins that you can make and keep in the freezer for an early morning breakfast before starting your day. On the Dukan Diet you do not feel deprived and are learning healthy eating habits while enjoying fast weight loss.

There are great recipes that include Tea Sorbet, Curried Turnip Soup, and Poached Beef to name a few. This fast weight loss plan will not feel like a diet.

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