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Joie Comfortable Dressy Sweatpants Pants

on August 1st, 2013
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Joie Comfortable Dressy Sweatpants Pants – since I will be taking a plane again soon – I was looking into comfortable hot weather options where I would still look good after being on the plane for more than 10 hours and found these Joie comfortable crepe dressy sweatpants. I love the look of these because it is a departure from the skinny jegging legging jeans that we have been wearing for a few years now AND they are a little more flattering than the jegging legging if you are having a bloat day. The elastic waistband is also a bonus for these pants so you can sit on the plane or sit all day at your desk in comfort. The elastic ankle is great for those of us who needs to hem our pants, you can just hike it up or down depending on the length you want your pants to be that day. All in all these pants are winners for comfort and looks and for $168 you cannot beat a better pair of on trend pants. Joie Mariner pants for $168.

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