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Fashion Week Sandwich Recipe Ciabatta and Mortadella

on February 5th, 2013
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Well if you are like me and missing New York Fashion Week because your child has pneumonia instead of going to Monika Chiang’s show in Lincoln Center this week, you will be at home working for your little CEO making hot tea, doling out antibiotics, making chicken soup and homemade sandwiches.

One of my 8 year old’s favorites is the Ciabatta sandwich I make that is so simple but made with the freshest and best ingredients.

Here is the secret to this gorgeous sandwich that I make for her without fail when she is sick.

The secret – buy fresh bakery ciabatta bread, fresh cut deli mortadella, organic avocados, and Kale microgreens. That is all it takes but because it is all fresh and healthy it looks gorgeous on a white Wedgewood china plate.

Recipe –

1 ciabatta roll

1 avocado

4 slices of thin mortadella

1 handful of kale microgreens

Slice open the bread into a half, toast it, spread avocado on both sides of the bread, add half handfuls of microgreens to each side of the bread on top of the avocado, and add the mortadella. Close the sandwich and enjoy.

This is a simple sandwich that always helps my 8 year old feel better when she is sick.

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