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DKNY Dresses for Everyone

on September 26th, 2012
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If there is any brand that can make a dress for everyone that would be Donna Karan and DKNY. Recently I really started looking at every collection from Donna Karan, Donna Karan Pure to DKNY and there is always something for everyone. I recently bought the black lace v neck dress on sale at and there is an amazing beige v neck scallop lace dress at right now. Some of my favorites this season include a dress that looks like a top and bottom together with the skirt part of the bottom made of leather and another dress in a colorblock design. Donna Karan covers all the bases when it comes to her designs and I have been loving her Donna Karan Pure collection the most.

DKNY Sleeveless black peplum dress for $225 from

DKNY Powder and Black Colorblock dress for $242.55 from

DKNY Leather short sleeve combo dress for $1070 from


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