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H&M for Isabel Marant Online Shop opens at 12PM EST

on November 14th, 2013
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H&M for Isabel Marant Online Shop opens at 12PM EST. Funny thing is that they are closing the site from 11:45AM EST time for maintenance and only bringing it back up at exactly 12PM EST. I am hoping they are doing that to control who stays logged in so the site will not crash. But if there is anything to be learned from past history or other collaborations with and first time Black Friday sales with back in the day, most likely the site will crash.

Anyhow – here is some advice if you want to buy from this collection:

1. Editors have all said that the shoes are “meh” and for $199 a pair they are not as great as they can be

2. Don’t bother to go stand in line and push and shove just login at 12PM EST there is probably enough to go around for a few hours

3. Instead of paying $399 for their beaded jacket in the Isabel Marant x HM collaboration you may be able to find one on sale at for the same amount and it will be an Etoile Isabel Marant on sale from a current or past season.

4. Make sure this is stuff you really want and not part of a frenzy. It is not $19.99 – it is $199.99 for a pair of shoes and $99 for a top.

With all that said – Good luck. Bon Chance. And Shop now.

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Paris Hilton diamond watch collection FOUND

on February 18th, 2009
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Paris Hilton has been seen around town with this amazing diamond watch.

I found it for you.

Here is the scoop:

One of the biggest names in diamonds and diamond jewelry, Abazias has teamed up with heiress and fashion mogul Paris Hilton to bring jewelry lovers of all kinds a new and exciting line of watches crafted by some of the finest jewelry and watchmakers in the world. Featuring a number of pieces for people of all tastes and budgets, the line is centered around four limited edition pieces. The limited edition pieces all feature genuine alligator straps and 1,000 diamonds.

I personally love the classic look of diamonds with a pink strap!

The set features four different pieces, ranging in price from $100,000 to $250,000. The most expensive piece is the Pink is Love piece, which features over six carats of pink diamonds as well as six sapphires and over three carats of white diamonds. The Canary piece replaces the pink diamonds with yellow, while the Cotton Candy and Snow White contain over 9 carats of white diamonds.

Abazias CEO Oscar Rodriguez recently purchased the first watch in the line, #0001, at a charity auction for $125,000. Proceeds went to Memorial Sloan Kettering for Breast Cancer Research. The auction was a private, invite-only affair hosted by Hilton, Tourneau and Parlux.

For fashionistas who wish to obtain the elegant and stylish look of the Paris Hilton watch collection on a significantly smaller budget, the heiress also has a line of affordable fashion watches. These watches start at only $29 and come in forty different styles. Whether you are looking for a simple yet fashionable piece or are looking for something as extravagant as Hilton herself, there is something in the collection to suit your needs. With pieces for every budget, Ms. Hilton is certainly succeeding in bringing the watch from functional timepiece back to a fashionable and must-have accessory.

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