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Gold signet rings classic trends

on July 31st, 2009
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When you flip through a J Crew catalog do you think clean classic good looks with a nice updated twist? Some classics bring tradition into our contemporary time and one of those great heirloom looks is a 14K Gold Ladies Signet Ring. I grew up on the East Coast watching older men wearing Gold Signet Rings engraved with their initials, but now the upgraded look is a young woman with a large mens Rolex wearing a larger 14K Gold Ladies Signet Ring with her initials. I found some great looks for you that are totally engravable and absolutely classic pieces that will last you a lifetime.

Click the photos and wear your new 14K Gold Ladies Signet Ring on the boat in Nantucket this summer or just out for dinner at a new hip sushi spot in Manhattan.
14K Gold Ladies Oval Signet Ring14K Gold Ladies Signet Ring

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