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Free Make Up Update

on January 22nd, 2009
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If you are still looking for the free make up from the class action lawsuit I have the updates for you:

As of today at 11A:

Neiman Marcus had only Clinique moisturizer left but lots of it in Beverly Hills.

Saks had Clinique moisturizer and serum left.

I did not visit Nordstrom or Macy’s but I hear they are all out.

So if you have time, try going today before they run out. 1 per customer per store so if you want go to Neimans and Saks they are right next door on Wilshire. AND Saks is having an 80% off sale in the shoe department today. Little bit of a mad house when I went today but you can probably find some good stuff still.

All you have to do is sign your name and you get one free item. It is part of the class action lawsuit. For more info on the class action lawsuit- here is the info:

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