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Chinese New Year Red Dresses

on January 26th, 2012
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Diane von Furstenberg Andie Dress新年快樂. Are you celebrating Chinese New Year in style this year? If you live in Singapore, Taiwan, or Hong Kong you are probably off for a few weeks and traveling with family. Did you give out red envelopes? Do you have a red pair of shoes, dress, or bag for a big party? Is their a fundraiser that you will be going to or something with your family? A great red dress always eclipses any other color and for Chinese New Year if you are like me and wear black almost every day of the week, change it up and get a great red bag or a red dress to wear to that Chinese New Year dinner or party.

Chinese New Year is such a fun time of the year for kids and adults because it is a time to take a break, get rid of anything from the past year that we want to clean out or cleanse from our lives, and plan for the new year of the Dragon 2012. Foods that are popular for this time of year include noodles for long life, dumplings, and many fun pink desserts. Everything looks so pretty and festive. In Hong Kong the Chinese New Year celebration is pretty big and there are fireworks in the Harbor.

The Chinese also love using a play on words by using homonyms for foods that symbolize happiness, health, and prosperity for the New Year. Many of these food items are often used in dishes during the Chinese New Year dinners and parties. Here are some examples:

Seaweed, especially black moss, Fat Choy, (in Chinese: 髮菜; pinyin: fàcài; literal meaning: hair vegetable). The two syllables of Fat Choy in Cantonese sound the same as a Cantonese Chinese New Year greeting “Gung hei faat choi” (恭喜发财) meaning “congratulations and be prosperous”; additional meanings: – good luck, exceeding wealth.

Seeds – lotus seeds, watermelon seeds – having a large number of children ç±½ [zǐ]

Shrimp (小虾; xiÇŽoxiā) – happiness and good fortune.

Shitake, Black mushroom (冬菇; dōnggū) -longevity, sizing opportunities

Slender Noodle (細粉; xì fÄ›) – see glass noodle

Snowpeas (荷蘭豆; hélándòu) – unity

Spring roll (春卷; chÅ«njuÇŽn) – wealth (the shape represents a gold bar)

Sweet corn (甜玉米; tián yùmǐ) – growth, increase

Sweets, (糖食; tángshí, ç³–æžœ;tángguÇ’) rice cake (年糕; nián’gāo) – safety, good fortune and ‘sweeten’ the new year

Tangerine (橘; jú) – luck

Also, the decor is red for good luck so many homes are decorated with red lanterns and red tablecloths during this time of year. Modern homes do red accents that compliment their more contemporary decor.

So, if you are shopping for Chinese New Year and need a great red dress for the new year, check out some of my suggestions. AND after Chinese New Year, you can wear the dress again for Valentine’s Day.

Diane von Furstenberg Andie Dress
from the runway that is on sale for $278.60. Great option for an office party or a cocktail mixer.

Thakoon Gathered Strapless Dress

for $1,590. If you are going to a fete or soiree or ball this is a great dress.
Thakoon Gathered Strapless Dress

Ami Dans La Rue Sweater Dress
for $264. For those who live in parts of China that are colder like Shanghai or Beijing, this is a good option.
Ami Dans La Rue Sweater Dress

Marc by Marc Jacobs Clark Twill Dress
for $328. This dress is a great option for a more casual look. Usually great if you are going out at night for a Chinese New Year to meet up with friends.
Marc by Marc Jacobs Clark Twill Dress

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Happy Chinese New Year Shopping and Info readers

on January 27th, 2009
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Happy Chinese New Year from Shopping and Info. We are celebrating the year of the OX this year and I found some amazing luxury items that can help you ring in the New Year.

One of those items is a Creed Peking Imperial Candle.

Click here to see more Chinese New Year luxury gifts for yourself or loved ones now.

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