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Skype anywhere in the world for Free

on March 25th, 2009
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A few years ago I started using Skype because I have a lot of family in South Africa and Asia. I started using it because everyone else was using it and I could not believe it was free to call people all over the world from the internet.

My regular phone service was charging me something ridiculous like $49 a month plus $1 everytime I called outside of the LA area and my phone bills were costing me $120 a month. After I started usingSkype I discovered they had plans for using the phone in the home as well.

The great thing about using Skype in the home is that if you go on vacation, you can take the Skype adapter and plug it into your computer and make calls from your laptop in your hotel room anywhere in the world. You can get an Unlimited US & Canada calling subscription from Skype for $2.95/month.

With Skype you can make free calls over the Internet. When you Skype – the whole world can talk for free! You can also use Skype for inexpenisve SMS.

Click the banner to check it out for yourself. I love mine. In fact, I just spoke to my husband this am from South Africa on Skype where he is doing the Cape Epic bike race.

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