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Chanel Pink Rose Gold Clutch for Spring is a must

on April 22nd, 2012
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If you can find this Chanel rose gold hardware pink bag at a Chanel boutique or Neiman Marcus I would grab it. The salespeople are literally hiding these types of one off bags in the back stock for their best customers and only if you know someone will you ever know about this bag. I learned about this bag on Thursday from a friend of mine who is a Chanel bag collector. She has about 50 Chanel bags and added a white bag from the newest collection to her bag collection on Thursday afternoon. Along the way, the SA at Neimans showed her this beauty of a rose gold hardware Chanel dusty pink clutch. The amazing thing about this bag, the price is $2,600. Yep that is considered a great price for Chanel these days and for a medium size bag like this – it is really a great piece to own. Of course the shoulder strap is just that. You cannot lengthen it like a classic flap bag to make it a cross body bag or anything like that. And it is a bag that will essentially fit your phone and your wallet and a lipstick. AND it is really a going out bag and will never be your workhorse bag like a maxi classic flap. That being said, it is still a gorgeous bag that you will pull out every time you need a feminine beautiful bag for a wedding or a graduation or a night out with your husband or boyfriend. If you can find it, get it.

Chanel Pink Clutch with Rose Gold Hardware for $2,600 can be found at Neiman Marcus.


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