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Skype anywhere in the world for Free

on March 25th, 2009
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A few years ago I started using Skype because I have a lot of family in South Africa and Asia. I started using it because everyone else was using it and I could not believe it was free to call people all over the world from the internet.

My regular phone service was charging me something ridiculous like $49 a month plus $1 everytime I called outside of the LA area and my phone bills were costing me $120 a month. After I started usingSkype I discovered they had plans for using the phone in the home as well.

The great thing about using Skype in the home is that if you go on vacation, you can take the Skype adapter and plug it into your computer and make calls from your laptop in your hotel room anywhere in the world. You can get an Unlimited US & Canada calling subscription from Skype for $2.95/month.

With Skype you can make free calls over the Internet. When you Skype – the whole world can talk for free! You can also use Skype for inexpenisve SMS.

Click the banner to check it out for yourself. I love mine. In fact, I just spoke to my husband this am from South Africa on Skype where he is doing the Cape Epic bike race.

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My version of Vida E Cafe’s Quattro Muffin

on April 10th, 2008

Here is a great recipe to make over the holidays to keep in the freezer, pop in the microwave and have as a breakfast or lunch treat when you are hitting all those holiday sales online. It is so good and good for you, I say make ahead and have them ready for parties too.

When I was in Cape Town I ate a Quattro Muffin daily- it was a 4 cheese muffin with broccoli and onions. I made my version at home and I think my version is healthier and quite delicious. I wanted to share that with you as Vide E Cafe is a destination for coffee – iced choco mochas and great muffins next time you shop in South Africa. So take a little bit of Cape Town home with you by having a muffin at home.

2 cups of yellow cornmeal
2 cups of whole wheat flour
1/2 cup of granulated sugar
2 tablespoons of baking powder
2 tsp salt
2 cups of cream
2/3 cup of vegetable oi
2 large eggs
2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese
1 cup of feta cheese
1 cup of diced onions
1 cup of diced broccoli- pre cooked in boiling water until soft
1 cup of chives

Mix all together and put into little muffin tins – makes about 36 muffins. Freeze the ones that you don’t want to eat in the next few days and just put in the microwave to warm up when you want to have something savory for lunch with soup or something to go with chili for dinner. ENJOY Shopping and Info’s inspiration of the Quattro Muffin from Vida E Cafe. Our version has no white flour and we added corn meal and a few of our own ingredients.

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Shopping in Cape Town South Africa : We were in South Africa when Paris Hilton was in South Africa

on April 5th, 2008
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When Paris Hilton was in Johannesburg South Africa we were in Cape Town South Africa – during that time we found some great places to shop. Take note in case you find yourself in this hot spot on vacation.


The Space – at Cavendish Square- full of young hip designers on the cutting edge. Great casual tunics, deconstructed dresses, and fashion forward blouses. This is a must go. Colleen Eitzen is one of the designers I like the most. She has a website go to google to look her up. She is often featured in South African Elle Magazine. Here is a photo of her 2008 collection.

Elizabeta Rosenwerth – top fashion designer in South Africa – she has shop in New York now. Her website is She is famous for batik print dresses, and bohemian looks. Located near Cavendish Square.

Lola’s Closet- on Main Road in Seapoint- a great place to find your silk long peasant skirts to go with your white tank tops.

Slick- pick up any month’s Elle Magazine South Africa and you will find the editorial pages filled with Slick’s new overseas imports. The stores is located in a nondescript building but every fashionista goes there to pick up her favorite tunics, jumpers, and leggings for the season. We found Alexander Mcqueen scarves there this trip.

Democratic Republic- located at the Waterfront- the Waterfront is a tourist attraction as well as a local favorite with your Woolworths Department Store for your staples in made well fabrics and fair pricing. If you want something South African and designer go to Democratic Republic. This shop is full of tunics, flowy dresses, and wonderful peasant tops made with beautiful fabrics and soft washed colors. Just the place to pick up pieces to start your vacation off right.

Mr Price Home- if you have children- Mr Price home is better than any target you will find in the US. This store is filled with beautiful wooden hand painted door knob signs, strawberry and giraffe shaped bathmats, floral printed cotton sheet sets and all at prices that would put your local Target to shame. Bring an empty suitcase – you can fill it for $200 from Mr Price Home located at the Century City Canal Walk Mall off the N1.

Hilton Weiner- if you like the French English classic ease of dressing like someone who comes from old money, shop here. The music is fab in the stores, the clothing is well made, and the prices are great.

Woolworths- a Department Store to rival any good department store in the states like a Marks and Spencer in the UK but better because the prices are around the same as the US in terms of pricing. Buy your basic tees, tunics, undies here and buy their designer collection scarves and dresses for what you would pay shopping at Macy’s in the states. Not to be missed. You will go back for everything from flowers to underwear to beautifully made clothing for your 3 year old.

We love this hat and top which reminds us very much of designer Colleen Eitzen but can be bought in the US and shipped to you. Click the photos to get to them.

Free People Potala Place Rose Print Top

Virginia Johnson Floppy Hat


12 Apostles Hotel- Go there for the privacy and the view. One of the Leading Hotels of the World. Have drinks overlooking the Camps Bay oceanfront and gaze out at the sunset while having a massage. This hotel is away from the craziness of Camps Bay proper and just the place to stay in for the night.

Ambassador Hotel- closer to town in Camps Bay- overlooking the Ocean, superb rooms and a great restaurant SALT- like the Mondrian in Los Angeles, a great scene and great place to be seen every night.

Mount Nelson Hotel- One of the great old hotels of South Africa. A Colonial classic. If you want to stay in the center of town away from the beach, stay at the Mount Nelson. Full of history and an afternoon tea that cannot be beat. It is a bit of Cape Town History.


Vida E Cafe- Hands down my favorite cafe in Cape Town. They have the best broccoli cheese onion muffins I have ever tasted and a frozen chocolate coffee drink that is out of this world. This is my daily drop in place. Take it to go and it will keep you going.

Newport Deli – cool vibe and right across from the beach. A hot spot for the health conscious. Take your walk on the beach front and stop in for a healthy berry blitz smoothie before walking home to start your day. At night, come back and go upstairs to the most amazing outdoor seating area that gives you a beautiful view of Cape Town beach at night. Eat at Wakame Sushi and stargaze with the pretty people in Cape Town visiting from all over the world on vacation.

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