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Can Running Solve All Your Problems?

on October 21st, 2013
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I was thinking about this today because I have had days where I think to myself I am just so frustrated with my life and I don’t know what I can do about it. Maybe it is just the same old routine with work, life, dishes, laundry, kids, job and the mundane and you think is this all we have  going for us in life? Is this what the next 30 or 40 years will bring for me? Is this why we always want to know what is going on with Angelina Jolie and the Kardashians? Do we just want to live in their fantasy worlds because that will give us something to look forward to?

Recently I discovered Running – yes running. I discovered that the more I ran the better I got at running and the happier I felt. I found that the happiness from running only lasted 24 hours though – the runners high as they call it. After that you have to run again. What I found though was that the running thing did not have to go on for more than 30 minutes and all you needed with an open road, music on your iPhone or iPod touch and a pair of running sneakers and you were on your way. In fact if you thought too long about it you could have been done by the time you finished thinking about it.

What I have found in the last few months as a novice beginning runner is that it was hard at first but then it got easier very quickly and I looked forward to my runs. I can now do a good 9 minute mile for about 30 minutes but no more. I like going to my interval training classes as well where we run on the treadmill and then alternate doing floor work where we lift weights and do abs and other exercises. I also like reading the many Ryan Gosling Memes that go around the internet that are a source of fun and funny inspiration for me when I think about going for a run.

I also love the improvement in my health and mental health because of my 4 times a week runs. As a result of the good results I am seeing in my body from my runs I have also started reading up on improving my diet through eating more vegetables, fruits, proteins and less wheat products or carbs.

Overall running has helped me in my daily life tremendously. Can running solve all your problems? Certainly running can help clear that fog in your head or help you work through some of your frustrations in life, but running cannot solve all of our problems. However running is a great outlet for us to mentally work through some of life’s challenges and to gain a brighter outlook on our lives and maybe help us while mid run to find solutions for problems that we have not been able to solve in the past.

Next time you are stuck in a rut, put on those running shoes and go out for a walk jog or a run. You may come back with a new perspective or even have solved a problem that you were stuck on. Try it. You may like it.


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