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Soulcycle Brentwood a Workout for Hollywood Celebrities Only?

on April 14th, 2013
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Soulcycle Brentwood a workout for Hollywood Celebrities Only? I don’t think so. This cult cycling workout place has become a destination for cycling and spinning fanatics as well as non cycling fanatics. This is the place where you will often see Kelly Ripa, Colin Farrell, Katie Holmes, Jake Gyllenhaal, Bradley Cooper, and many other Hollywood Celebrities working out in New York City.

Soulcycle recently opened locations in West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Brentwood in Los Angeles and it has become the new workout religion for Westsiders, young studio execs, moms, and Seventeen magazine readers.

Even being seen wearing the Soulcycle workout clothing private labeled by LuLulemon and Nike have become a brand that workout devotees want to be seen in as its own brand of clothing. No longer are you going to be wearing just Lululemon, you will be wearing Soulcycle.

I tried Soulcycle on Saturday with Natalie from Mommyluxe and it was one crazy workout. Not only was it pure sensory overload because the place itself is bright yellow and white colored, the energy on a Saturday afternoon at 4PM was insane. Usually a workout place is slow on a Saturday afternoon because everyone is getting ready to go out to dinner during that time, but the Soulcycle Brentwood location was packed with Westside teens, Westside moms, studio execs, and everyone in between squeezing out a workout before a night out of drinks and dinner.

The rush of adrenaline hits you as soon as you enter the studio and you are rushing around trying to make sure you have your shoes, locker, and seat ready before the class begins promptly at 4P and the lights go out. Yes the lights go out. The whole class is lit by candlelight and the teacher spends the 45 minutes spinning right along with you while chanting affirmations, encouragement, and directions. For a first timer Soulcycler like myself it was at once thrilling, exciting, and terrifying.

Once one of the Soulcycle Staff helps me get my shoes clipped in to a bike the music begins, the lights go out, the candles go on, and everyone is moving, pedaling, and pumping their arms in tune with the speed talking instructor. The first thing I notice is the class is very hot. They want to keep it hot so it feels a little like hot yoga I guess. The instructor tells us she does not want to turn on the fan too soon because she wants us to heat up our bodies and loosen our muscles first. 10 minutes into the class I am sweating and exhausted and finished most of my water from my water bottle. I want to leave but cannot get out of my shoes and at the same time I want to see the class through. Natalie gives me an encouraging glance and keeps pedaling and pumping her arms with the 1 pound weights. I keep thinking to myself I must get through this class or figure out how to get out of these shoes.

As the class continues I find that I start pedaling with the rhythm of the music and I am no longer thinking about my misery and am thinking about my accomplishment. I start thinking that the class is better than running because I am not hurting my knees and I try my best to do everything that I am supposed to do during this 45 minute workout.

By the end of the 45 minute workout, my top is drenched, my face is hot, and I am out of water. I feel happy and proud of myself that I finished the whole workout. I think to myself maybe I will come back and that it wasn’t that bad.

I walk out with my friend and we talk about when we will return next to Soulclycle. I know I will be back because the class is a great workout. Whether I will ever grow to love the workout is another story. But I will definitely love the retail therapy that comes along with the workout at all their locations which gives every person an opportunity to buy some of the cute workout gear like the skull Lululemon crop pants and Soulcycle skull sweatshirts seen on Kelly Ripa and Reese Witherspoon. Hollywood Celebrities do love this workout, but it is not just a workout for the celebrities, it is a great workout for anyone who wants to burn 400 to 700 calories in 45 minutes.

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