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Isabel Marant Caleen Boots Jessica Alba Loves to Wear

on August 29th, 2013
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Isabel Marant Caleen Boots Jessica Alba Loves to Wear – one look at Jessica Alba’s wardrobe and shoe wardrobe this past few years and you know that she is a big fan of Isabel Marant shoes and clothing. She has been seen in Isabel Marant dresses, tops and in sneakers and boots by Isabel Marant. Her favorites seem to be the Isabel Marant booties that have the hidden 2 inch wedges. We know that Jessica Alba is average height around 5 feet 5 inches tall, but who doesn’t want to be taller and if a designer like Isabel Marant is putting lifts hidden inside shoes and you are a celebrity like Jessica Alba why not buy all of them right? 

Most recently Jessica Alba has been seen in the Isabel Marant bobby sneakers and the bekket wedge sneakers. She has been seen with the black and brown versions of the Isabel Marant Caleen studded boots. She has such good style that she manages to style herself with the different colored Caleen boots without looking like she is wearing the same pair of boots. Wonder if she will be buying the Isabel Marant Cluster and the Isabel Marant Crisi this season as well? The new Fall 2013 Isabel Marant ankle booties also have hidden 2 inch wedges in them.

Get the Isabel Marant Caleen boots for $890.

Check out the newer versions for Fall 2013 like the Isabel Marant Crisi for $790.

Check out the newer Fall 2013 of the Isabel Marant Cluster boots with the hidden wedge for $845.


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