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David Yurman Cable Gold Bracelet seen on Angelina Jolie

on January 18th, 2012
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Gold. Gold prices are up and now is a good time to buy gold as it continues to go up in value. There is no better sound investment in today’s economy than buying gold. Why not buy gold stocks and gold jewelry. Nothing more fun than making an investment in something that you know will go up in value over time and in the meantime you can enjoy it while you wear it and it appreciates in value.

Angelina Jolie was seen recently wearing one of her favorite gold David Yurman cable classics bracelets with a white Stella McCartney suit. She looked elegant as usual and the gold bangle added just the right amount of glitz without too much more than a glimmer. That is all she needs. Just small accents of accessories. She does not need more since she is such a beauty.

Why I love this David Yurman bracelet besides the fact that it is 18KT and will continue to increase in value over time. It is a noticeable signature cable bracelet without screaming out the designer name. It is quite subtle and yet substation in its gold weight. It is a weighty piece that can settle nicely on your wrist daily or used on a special occasion.

No matter the occasion, it is always a good time to wear a David Yurman piece of jewelry.

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